Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 8}!!

super sweet loves linked up from last week:

my love this week:
i have been accepted to the queen bee market!!! squeeeeee!
i cannot wait i am so thrilled!!! yay!!!!

the font above is impervious by kevin and amanda

if you are also a QBM vendor, i can't wait to meet you :)
if not, i sure hope you can attend so i can meet you! it's going to be fabulous!!!
feel free to click on and print out this flyer to hand out to everyone you know ;)

so i wanna see what you love today, mmmmkay?!!




  1. Hi, as of right now under Link Up! it says: (Submissions start March 22, 2011, 6:25 pm). Just thought I'd let you know, since it's only the 16th. (which I am thankful for, so much to do before the 22nd). :)

  2. so exciting you are going to the queen bee market! it is wasn't clear on the others side of the country i would TOTALLY be there because jess and mique are awesome! hope you have a blast!!!

  3. good morning krystina! i just tried to link up too but couldn't. anyhoo, that queen bee market sounds like so much fun. wish i could go! you are going to have a blast! take lots of pics and do share : ).

    happy WILW!


  4. Hi!!! I tried to link up but couldn't =((((

  5. I tried but couldn't link up.. here's my post,

  6. so very cool about the queen bee market! and a trip to del mar...always fun! i love the colors of your loves this week. happy wednesday!

  7. oh girl i am so happy that i found your blog! i don't know why i'm just now finding it, but it seems that suddenly you're EVERYWHERE on my blog reading tour. i'm hoping to do QBM in August, once we get settled in San Diego.

    (ps i will totally be linking up next week!!)

  8. congrats on being accepted! that's huge :)

  9. so happy for you! i'm sure QBM will be amazing!

  10. yayy!! congrats on QBM!! how exciting! i wish i could go just to meet you!!

  11. This is my first participation :)
    I chose a thumbnail but it does not appear, no idea why ?

  12. Oh goodness, I would so love to be at the QBM - so many lovely ladies I'd like to meet! It won't happen this year, but maybe someday I'll have to take a trip to California. :)

  13. Oh, congratulations about the QBM! I really want to go one day!


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