Wednesday, February 29, 2012


it's all i'm going to say tonight:

What I Love Wednesday {No. 57}

alert: this is a very special edition of what i love wednesday
so please pay close attention...

you have seen my favorite planners from Much Ado About You.

 i have tweeted, blogged, and facebooked these lovely planners many times.

they help me stay organized (and that's a pretty tough job!)

me shopping her lovely booth at the summer queen bee market
-thank you pleated poppy for snapping this pic :)

starting today they are having a pre-sale. if they don't sell 200 planners this pre-sale they will have to close their doors.

i love Emmy and her wonderful family. and you know i love her handmade planners.
i hope Much Ado About You can continue. will you help?



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty Clever {No. 17}

a new print in the shop :)
the story goes like this, the surfer guy recommended this band to me, namely this song. i didn't like it at all at first! haha. well you may not like it at first either, you may already love it. it definitely grew on me. i love it. it's fun to dance to with the whole family! so as the story goes, we moved to a new town and it's different here, i am trying to make some friends (read this post for that story). i was having a tough time. then i remembered this song. so i made this print for the surfer guy for Christmas. 
it was his favorite gift :)

thank you Edward Sharpe for inspiring this print and creating 
such a fun upbeat song that touches my heart.

so many things inspire us to create. what has inspired you lately?

i can't wait to see your clever DIYs today!
please link up :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

This Week's Dinner Menu {week 4}

yay! week 4 of the weekly dinner planner :) i am having so much fun trying new recipes and sharing them with you! i also have noticed we are saving a lot of money at the grocery store, because we're planning ahead. i hope your family is enjoying it too!
this week is an easy week with tasty family dishes that are healthy too :)

Minestrone with Collard Greens and White Beans
Instead of the usual escarole or kale, use hearty collards in this familiar soup. The greens' slight bitterness plays nicely against the creamy beans and sweet tomatoes.

Friday, February 24, 2012


lost my computer for a few days to the apple store
it needed a new graphics card.
needless to say i had a strange week;
short as far as iPhone photos...

a stop at "Moo Express" Mr. Boy calls it.
when he was 1 he thought pandas looked like cows and he called cows moo
well, because that's what they say. 
he owns a giant stuffed panda so aptly named "Moo" :)
i believe my fortune is true. yes?

oh happy day. computer is home safe and sound and all fixed.

a lovely weekend we had.
we spent one day in Julian and the other
in Old Town. This is the road leaving Julian.
oh mom's pie was soooo very good!

how was your week?

Sweet Shot Day

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Group Sponsor Love

please take a moment to stop by one of the cutest shops

i love these goodies. great for parties, the home, and for gifts :)


Hello there! My name is Citlalli, and I am the over-caffeinated gal from Sew Beastly.
Sew Beastly is my creative business where I make unique, handmade accessories for the unconventional gals of this world. I also have a blog by the same name where I share my life, what inspires me, and the handmade goodness that surrounds me.
Stop by and let's connect!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No.56}

i am love, love, loving organization...
my mind is completely obsessed with every possible way to store, organize, 
file, and compartmentalize my life at the moment.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
font is snell roundhand

next week i will share a special treat on WILW on the one thing that keeps me super organized, so be sure to check it out!

did you know we had exactly 55 linkies last week for what i love wednesday #55?!! yay!
let see if we can get 56 linkies today!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sponsor Love {Sassy Lemonade}

It's My Birthday and thought it would be fun to do a music list of songs through out my life. 
They were either a #1 hit or what I was listening to back when. 
1. It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I want to by Lesley Gore 

2. 50 ways to leave your Lover by Paul Simon  was the #1 song in the US, when I was born. 

3. Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield 
Would listen to this song over and over till my Father took the tape away. HA! 

4. Papa don’t Preach by Madonna - Majority of my 80's consisted all things Madonna 

5. I'll be Loving you Forever By New Kids on the Block 
NKOTB was my First Concert when I was 14 in Seattle!

6. Sabotage by Beastie Boys from my Middle School Days 

7. Jump Around by House of Pain my High School Days 

8. WannaBe by Spice Girl was #1 song on my 21st Birthday 

9. Check on it by Beyoncé feat. Slim Thug was #1 song on my 30th Birthday 

10. Someone like you by Adele 
Right now Love all Adele's Songs, this is My Favorite.


Happy Birthday Shannon!!
stop by sassy lemonade's shop today,
and leave your comments here to wish her a happy birthday.
what a fun way to celebrate with a upbeat birthday playlist ;)
enjoy the music player above.

Pretty Clever {No. 16} with guest Stacy Lynn

DIY recycled tee shirt scarf. 
This is a great project to do with kids and a great way to recycle those old t-shirts!

All you need is one t-shirt and a pair of scissors! There is no sewing involved and they only take about 10 minutes to make! Enjoy!

step one: Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off to get a clean edge.
step two: Cut 5 or more 3" strips across the bottom of the t-shirt. The more strips, the thicker the scarf. You can use two or more colored t-shirts for a totally different look! The options are endless! That's what makes these scarves so fun! You can also cut the strips 2" for a thinner look.

step three: Stretch and pull each strip so it sort of turns into a "noodle".

step four: Stack up all your strips and pull together.

step five: Cut out the ties. I made mine 2" wide x 12" long out of each color.
step six: Tie your stack tightly together. I used a square knot so it will stay put. You can also add a bow or decorate with your favorite pin.

These are so fun to make and great to give away. They are comfy to wear...

just like your favorite t-shirt!

Thanks for reading!
stacy lynn


Stacy is one of my favorites! i love her style!
i have posted her several times on what i love wednesday
she's a hit at the queen bee markets and all the boutiques 
i've had the pleasure of being a vendor with her at :)
she is super sweet and hilarious, she cracks me up!
so please stop by her shop today, she also makes lovely wares!

and don't forget to share your DIYs! i can't wait to see :)


Monday, February 20, 2012

This Week's Dinner Menu {week 3}

it's the third week of the weekly menu planner!
i wanted to plan my recipes to make family life easier and
i decided to share each week's dinner menu with you.
these are recipes from old magazines and recipes from all around the internet.
this week includes some fun recipes that i hope are new to you!
most of these are new for our family to try.
i would love to hear how your family liked them.
if you use cozi menu planner click here for instructions
(you will want to click on the link to each individual recipe to be able to add it to cozi)
and if you're an email subscriber to my blog you just got a week's worth of
meals delivered to your inbox! yay!!

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Friday, February 17, 2012


this week, as you'll see, began sweet, mellow, and fun and ended on a sad note...

this is a wonderful mother/daughter Valentine's making party
we attended over the weekend

i like this mom, she knows how to get her craft on...

i was happy there were other moms in my new town 
who could sit and craft all day like myself :)

this is for my man ;)

on Valentine's day i set up a tea for my girls :)

i whipped up nutella croissants, and brought out my new vintage china from france
(wait then if it's from france is it still considered 'china'??)
all i know is it's so stinkin pretty and i got it for a steal!

steeping and stirring

the surfer guy came home and surprised us girls with some very lovely
(and very unexpected) gifts!

next day: a text i wrote to him.

2 days after Valentine's day i wake to this.
no it's not a new designer striped wallpaper - it's vertical lines
going down my screen and it's frozen there.
i am *mostly* backed up. i will be taking it in to get fixed.
i am only working on a blog re-do and 
a new and very complex website, no big deal.
i am blogging to you from the surfer guy's laptop...
thank God! otherwise i would die if i couldn't post for you.
send prayers ;)
this is where i create, learn, share... pin.
k? i need this made in china piece of machinery to be working asap.
(wait if it's made in china, is this china?)
te-hee hee, just checking if you are still reading or if you fell asleep!

have an amazing 3 day weekend friends!

Sweet Shot Day