Monday, March 7, 2011

custom orders {my portfolio is growing}

i have been quite busy with orders, 
so busy i haven't been able to add new goodies to my shop! yikes!
so i thought i should show you a few things i've been working on.

sweet Sandy a la Mode asked me to do her stationery.
she helped come up with the design for these beauties...

50 cards with 7 flags each - that's 350 flags i individually hand cut and adhered! 
i had so much fun making this lovely stationery for Sandy.

and melissa over at the pleated polka dot asked me to make her some fun stationery.
she wanted love birds so we came up with these adorable cards...

cute huh?!!

all i can say is i love my job!!



  1. Cute cute stuff! Very creative, love it!

  2. yes you are the custom order queen!! i've gotten compliments already on those adorable cards:))) you are a talented lady!!!

  3. ahhhhhhhh i am soo excited!! i can't wait to receive my cards and use them for orders!! thank you soo much for working with me!!!!!! :)

  4. gorgeous!!! you are very talented little miss!

  5. Oh, great job! These are really beautiful!

  6. Adorable! I love the little flags. The little bit of 'doily' was a great idea.

  7. I love both of those! The flags are so cute, and the love birds are just adorable. It's funny, because when I first saw those in one of your What I Love Wednesday posts, I thought...Melissa (who is a real life friend of mine) would love those bird cards!

  8. Ummm....yes. I need elephant stationary. You are SO talented honey!

  9. adorable stationery!


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