Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playdate Cards {the bees knees!}

ok so i'm just gonna throw it out there. i haven't talked about these cuties in a looong time. however, i LOVE them - they are a huge hit: calling all moms! (or dads if that's how you roll, it's cool). have you ever met a mom at the park, church, school and after your kids hit it off you thought it would be a great idea to hang out more? enter in your lovely playdate card, *trumpets sound ta-da!*
 hand over your card so they can call/email you for a future playdate :) 
maybe list your blog, just for fun!

here are some fun samples
 great to hand out at school, to neighbors, friends at church, and play groups!

i need to come up with an easier way to list these in my shop.
let me know if you have any ideas!!
font choices:
 clip art choices: 
(feel free to request something you don't see here)
$20 for 20. $12 for 10.
just email me your choices and i will get your playdate cards out to you!

annnnd it's...

my spring newsletter comes out this week 
so please sign up and you'll get a 15% off discount code for my shop :)

have a wonderful week!


  1. i have always loved your playdate cards! they are so cute. very clever.

  2. These are so cute!!If I had children, I'd definitely order some :)

  3. oh wow these are very adorable!
    just wondering do you ship internationally?


  4. Holy..Cow! I don't know how I landed on your blog tonight.. at oh...12:30 am.. but I LOVE these! Such an awesome idea and so freaking cute.

    lalalalalove it.



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