Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {hello kitty party}

hello kitty. hello pez.
i love you both, and so does my birthday girl.

first we must decorate.
i made those tissue roses like i said i would last week.
if you want to do this i recommend 4 rolls of crepe paper.
i put some mason jars together for serving punch (jar tutorial next week)
i tied baker's twine around the jars with names on pink paper circles for identifying them.
punch: rainbow sherbet and sprite - easy peasy!
i made mini happy birthday paper banner, hung with baker's twine
pink straws, fresh flowers, party favors.
little flags: ribbon attached with photo tape to a skewer! cute huh?

hello kitty wears a bow so we made some too...
wire ribbon tied to a headband, fun!

i think they had a nice time.

another fun thing we did was photobooth.
on your mac download the automator app "photostrip" prepare a background and bright smiling faces and click. be sure to load the printer with photo paper. this app takes 4 shots, and prints them out just like a real photobooth! *LOVE*
then everyone has a fun party souvenir :)



  1. awww cuh-ute!!! don't you just love doing their parties??
    i always make a big deal out of birthdays and so far we have done them all at home...handmade by mom:)))
    so fun!
    love the photobooth idea!

  2. how cute is your daughter?! what a good momma you are throwing such a darling party! i love it!!!

  3. looks like the girls had a blast!


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