Monday, March 14, 2011

Hand Me Down {Love}

three sweet hand me downs.

bear given to Mr. Boy by big sis Soleil.
he's not an oldie, but he is a goodie.

for 10 years bear sat on Soleil's shelf with all the other stuffed animals
then along came Mr. Boy.
Mr. Boy hasn't let go of bear, aka BearN von Trapp
for almost 2 whole years now. (see here)
Mr. Boy also cannot sleep without bear.

my mother's apron from when she was a little girl.

she gave it to me when i was little and later i gave it to my girls.
my mother once got in trouble from her mother
for writing her name on it in ink.
this apron has been so loved for 50 years.

the rocking chair.

isn't it adorable?
it was mine when i was a tot.
it used to be dark brown, but Nana painted it white, see....
there's me in my rocking chair. 
i'm probably waiting for brownies or cake or something good from the oven. 
boy i sure miss those footed sleepers and those blonde curls.

do you have hand me downs?


  1. I love these hand me downs...thanks for sharing!

  2. what an adorable little tot you were!! i have a rocker just like that which belonged to my it's over 50 years old. so so cool! it just needs a little hot glue and a paint job. i think i will take care of that this week so my little ones can begin enjoying this little treasure!

  3. ha! you were so cute!!! that rocking chair is just lovely. hand me downs are the best, especially when you can pass your own on to your kids!

  4. so much love is included in a hand me down! yes, we have hand me daughter played with dolls and barbie dolls that i played with as a little girl, and which my mother played with when she was a little girl! that little apron is adorable! happy monday!

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