Thursday, March 31, 2011

how to make a printed font list

one of the coolest things i remember vividly was walking into a graphics design and print shop about 16 years ago. there was a piece of paper hanging on the wall with all the print shop's fonts, how they look typed and printed with the coordinating name.

at the tender age of 19 this was my mecca - paper as far as the eye could see and mac computers designing logos, business cards, signs and other printed materials.

but how to print out a list of your fonts from your computer not just their names but their style printed?

last week i scoured the internet and finally found it: font parade. download the free app, then print out your chosen fonts from your font book or all of your fonts! sorry pc peeps, this is a mac thang, though i'm sure there's a pc app out there too.

i chose to print out all of my fonts, stuck them to a clip board and ta-da!
today when i was designing a wedding card i wanted a sweet handwritten font i looked through my 40 page list - it was actually a lot faster than i thought it would be -about 1 minute! looking on the computer at all the fonts usually takes me 30 minutes to choose one!!! so this is a very valuable tool for me!

i hope you can take advantage.
what is one of your most valuable tools?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 10}!!

wow our 10th what i love wednesday! yay!
i am really loving seeing all your loves! thank you for linking up!

here's what i love this week...

1. craft room by Heather Bailey *i die*

2. packaging *sigh* so sweet by luxecetera.

3. adorable little fabric paper dolls set by my friend Tiffanie of TrulySkrumptious.

4. melting over these handsome ties by the belle and the beau.
Mr. Boy is days away from 2 and i think he needs his portrait taken in one of these.

the numbers typography i used is cast iron download for free here!

can't wait to see what you love!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the find

hello, happy tuesday lovelies!

i wanted to share my second find with you!

my first was the birdcage.

my second are these...
 $3 for the whole set, i love the cream color and the vintage look.

i have never been a big thrifter/yard saler - but i wanna be.

i have no idea where to go or how to do it, but i am starting to find my way.

right now i am pretty sure i am paying too much, but i think i will soon be knowledgeable of this learned skill - that some have as a lucrative profession. i just want to be able to decorate my home and the creative arcade with fun finds :) how about you? do you like second hand goods? finding vintage items for super cheap? are you good at it? how do you figure out where to go?


Monday, March 28, 2011

grow with me

i am looking for april sponsors to advertise here at lollipops neatly and affordably!
my rates are $20 or $15 per month with features and multi-month deals.
come grow with me :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photography Friday: {Spring Babies}

an outing to see the mama and baby horses.

muh girls ;)

yep, this is how we smile now. oh dear.
it appears my camera isn't cooperating either,
let me see...

oh yes, here we are two sweet baby boys.
one belongs to me :)
Brockman just loved petting this lil feller, so cute. 
this foal was so rambunctious, bold, and kind (just like my boy).

i love spring time. next week we will visit all the spring flowers :)

what do you enjoy in the springtime?
have a lovely weekend!
Sweet Shot Day

Thursday, March 24, 2011

from the depths of... my pantry

i apologize in advance...

alright ladies and gentlemen, i bring you exhibit A
these cookies were mysteriously placed into a CLEAR jar onto an OPEN counter
for any passers by to SEE!

who ever did this is up to no good!
this, my greatest weakness against which - i have no defense. {hangs head}
so clearly if i ate one or two... or seven it would be expected; right?

this is impossible! i have been, finally, exercising all week to come to THIS!
fierce tummy grumbling. intense drooling. mass consumption. devastation.

ack, i can't take it any more i can't even write about it without my mouth watering.
goodbye. i am going to eat a handfull of cookies in the pantry 
with the door closed, but the lights on...
don't try and stop me.

then i'm going to leave the rest in the jar IN the pantry.

case closed!
and you? what is your weakness?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 9}!!

i wanted to share with you a FEW of my favorite blogs.
i seriously love so many talented, sweet, beautiful ladies out there
that it would take all day to post them.
so i leave you with a FEW ;) i look forward to seeing tweets and instagrams throughout the day from these ladies as well as reading their blogs...

Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy is just real; a fellow homeschooling mom who works her little tail off to make sweet goodies and blog such nice posts. i love how she shares tutorials, fun shops in the area, and her parties. she also shares what she wore all week, and sometimes she teaches me how to beautifully be humble -i'm still working on that. she let's you know she isn't perfect even though first glance would have you doubtful. Lindsey doesn't need me to write about her she has a huge following, but it's what I LOVE wednesday, i digress.

Jeannett of Life Rearranged also has a huge following, however, i am going to share her as well. i love how Jeannett writes straight, with her heart on her sleeve -i can relate. as mothers we have our challanges and hardships and she makes no pretenses in sharing honestly with sharp witty writing that usually has me either rolling on the floor laughing or quietly sobbing in my hot cup of espresso roast. she's a keepa.

Ruthanne of Eclectic Whatnot is in one word HILARIOUS! i love love love her! she is amazing, i just love reading all of her tweets and blog posts. she is a sweet doll. a fellow homeschooler and a true hard worker. and through all of her great writing and fabulous sewing pretties she too, has naturally earned herself huge following.

Lisa Leonard. i know, i know, super famous like celebrity blogger/entrepreneur, BUT, i read her tweets and blog daily. why? (i know you already know, but i'm gonna tell you anyway. shhhh, let me finish.) ok, she is fresh, smart, and beautiful. everything she says everyday has a beautiful message. never negative, she never complains. we could all have a good gripe session once in while, but that's not what Lisa writes about. she honestly shares life's trials and struggles, yet somehow she makes it beautiful. everything she touches (or writes) turns to gold. and her shutter snaps perfect pictures to match the beauty that runneth over in her vast cup. love you Lisa.

no pressure to be perfect. no pressure. just sharing the LOVE.

these ladies are a few of whom i respect and look up to for growth and how to actually blog. thank you ladies for your inspiration, honesty, and heart. i will have some more wonderful ladies in about 6 weeks!

can't wait to see what you're loving today :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playdate Cards {the bees knees!}

ok so i'm just gonna throw it out there. i haven't talked about these cuties in a looong time. however, i LOVE them - they are a huge hit: calling all moms! (or dads if that's how you roll, it's cool). have you ever met a mom at the park, church, school and after your kids hit it off you thought it would be a great idea to hang out more? enter in your lovely playdate card, *trumpets sound ta-da!*
 hand over your card so they can call/email you for a future playdate :) 
maybe list your blog, just for fun!

here are some fun samples
 great to hand out at school, to neighbors, friends at church, and play groups!

i need to come up with an easier way to list these in my shop.
let me know if you have any ideas!!
font choices:
 clip art choices: 
(feel free to request something you don't see here)
$20 for 20. $12 for 10.
just email me your choices and i will get your playdate cards out to you!

annnnd it's...

my spring newsletter comes out this week 
so please sign up and you'll get a 15% off discount code for my shop :)

have a wonderful week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

new goodies just listed in my shop

hello! happy spring! spring officially started yesterday so i wanted to share some of my new spring items with you. i actually recorded several video blogs for this post, but alas, i am new to vlogging and have much more to learn so that i don't send you running and screaming in the other direction! haha. someday i plan to vlog my new products so you can get a better feel for my cards and prints. for now we have only photographs - though i hope you fully enjoy them :)

find all these items and more in my shop:

happy monday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan with Love

i am donating to shelter box through Japan with Love and i encourage you to
find a way to give to Japan if you haven't done so already.

i will not be blogging friday to keep this day of silence 
like a candle light vigil for Japan.

we as a family hold the devastation of Japan in our hearts,
and pray for those who remain to have
health, safety, food, clean water, and hope.

yours truly,