Thursday, March 24, 2011

from the depths of... my pantry

i apologize in advance...

alright ladies and gentlemen, i bring you exhibit A
these cookies were mysteriously placed into a CLEAR jar onto an OPEN counter
for any passers by to SEE!

who ever did this is up to no good!
this, my greatest weakness against which - i have no defense. {hangs head}
so clearly if i ate one or two... or seven it would be expected; right?

this is impossible! i have been, finally, exercising all week to come to THIS!
fierce tummy grumbling. intense drooling. mass consumption. devastation.

ack, i can't take it any more i can't even write about it without my mouth watering.
goodbye. i am going to eat a handfull of cookies in the pantry 
with the door closed, but the lights on...
don't try and stop me.

then i'm going to leave the rest in the jar IN the pantry.

case closed!
and you? what is your weakness?


  1. Mmmmm, cookies... Damn, now I want cookies!

  2. chic-fil-a biscuits...i swear they put something in them that makes me want to keep eating them. i too have been diligently exercising...but the biscuit just makes it all void:))

    enjoy your cookies my dear!

  3. Oh boy...last night one of my sisters made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. And even though I didn't need to, I ate 2. Oops. ;)

  4. Mmmmmmmm cookies!! Those would be gone in a day in my house between my husband and I.

  5. Pretty much anything with chocolate would be a weakness for me.

    But right now, since it's EASTER [hello, best seasonal candy EVER], I have a hard time staying away from those Robin's Eggs Malt Balls. yum-O!!!


  6. mmmmmmmm cookies!! u have me soo hungry! we have thin mints in the freezer and tim tams sitting out and i usually eat one of each every day.... yum!

  7. haha those cookies look pretty tempting!!! my weakness is chocolate brownie coconut ice cream. being vegan there isn't really tooooo much junk food i crave!!!

  8. M&Ms all the way. Dark chocolate, peanut, peanut butter even milk chocolate. If they are in the pantry, they will be eaten. I even snuck into my little kiddos halloween candy last fall. Who does that? I justified it too... "they don't need all that sugar!"
    ;-) My husband is a cookie monster... good thing we both like to run!

  9. mmm.. girl scout cookies really do get my heart racing. But I have to say my ultimate weakness is fruity candy. You know what I'm talking about: starbursts, skittles... and we can even bring it back old school with some NERDS or sour patch kids. What can I say, I'm still a kid inside!


  10. have just stumbled across your blog - and it's super cool!!!
    May i be so bold as to ask how do you get your photos to look like negative/ slides aka really awesome!
    Pop by sometime xx

  11. Peeps are my weakness!


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