Monday, January 31, 2011

Focus: 2011 resolution check

remember at the beginning of this month (also the beginning of a new year),
i made a resolution
i thought i would check in since today is the very last day of January. 

i know many don't make resolutions anymore - a waste of time they say. 
i need them. 
i have made myself work on each year's resolution to the best of my capabilities. 
having a word or goal in the foreground on most days guides me and my choices.

that being said...
i need to focus!
i need to tidy up a bit for workflow, wouldn't you say?

how can i possibly focus at "work" in the creative arcade
or at my desk like this? i can't find anything!
having this mess is such a time waster.

and what am i going to wear? good thing it's laundry day!
now who's going to do it? oh, yea... me.

so off i went this weekend re-organizing and tidying.
i had trouble getting ALL the laundry done - 
trouble was, i didn't want to do it! 
so i have a few more loads calling my name.

my favorite thing about re-organizing this time is usually 
my least favorite - paperwork.
who would have guessed? I LOVE PAPER
just not paperwork!

i have been dying for a system forever
and proactively researching and brainstorming a system all month.

i got the idea from the system my friend Gussy created.
i estimate she intended her ideas for educating the paperwork crippled masses
like myself that struggle under 7 and 10 foot scattered paperwork piles.
{thank you Gussy!}

this is what i do.
files for orders...

a filing cabinet for all other must keep files...

and a large binder for to do lists, goals, ideas, and timely information...

i call it "mapping my life".
i need a road map to see where i am going.
i think i know where i want to be so i need to 
figure out how to get there with a "map".

i have categorized sections depending on the different hats i wear;
general household, homeschooling, 
school webmaster, logo design, blog, and stationery design.
in each section i have a to do list and in my blogging section i have a calendar.
i finally decided to use my computer calendar for everything, just not the blog.
i like to write out a week or two at a time of what i plan to blog so
i can prepare tutorials, pics and whatnot. 

i look through my sections and see what needs to be done each day.
so far it's a theory that has worked for a couple of days.
i feel better though and more organized. 

more focused.

ahhh, now i can work :)

are you feeling frazzled?
what works for you?
are you keeping atop your resolution(s) so far?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Women

i'm posting this with the blog writing prompt "the women" from
"the gypsy mama"

gather anywhere there is a work surface and enough light.
you might have to feed them chocolate treats from Trader Joes to sustain their night.
offering a glass of red wine is always good etiquette, in fact it's protocol.
the paper they tow, the gear they pack isn't small at all.
most scrapbookers make two hefty trips to "unload" the car.
i haven't met a scrapbooker i didn't like. each and everyone is a star!

they take their photos and crop them up.
they lay them out, design the page and add some stuff.
most of the time they talk and talk.
are you having a scrapbook night? scrapbookers will flock.

i had a wonderful night at Heather's with Paula, Betsy, and Tiffanie.
have a wonderful weekend lovelies ;)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrap Night at Heather's!

i really need a night out so
i'm on my way to Heather's for a scrapbook night!

i am 3 years behind, but if i were all caught up i would have
nothing to do right? right! ok i'm off, so excited!!

and a shout out:

love & hugs to all my lovely followers thank you for following 
and stopping by to leave your sweet comments

the newsletter comes out next week!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

bloggy lessons i've learned {lesson No. 01}

anyone recognize this place? locals or those from The Queen Bee Market might ;) out for a walk with the surfer guy, our girls, and Mr. Boy - photographing the day, taking in the sights and pondering my next post.

almost a month ago i started my new blog (YAY!!!), at which point i have placed a quote at the bottom...
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
-Judy Garland

be yourself. ok
sound like yourself. huh? *deer in the headlights*

what does this mean? i always heard to let your personality come through in your writing, and though i thought it was, it really wasn't. with all the grammar rules, laws, that i mostly break and trying to make sure what i write even makes sense and trying to not sound like a lost hillbilly shirtless in overalls looking for his tabaccy and banjo, ahem, an uneducated writer/speaker - person. not lol-ing and emoticon-ing every 5 words... i then forget to ask myself, "does my personality show here?" or is it just words? words.

make sure YOU really come through in your writing. i noticed that in person i am bubbly, energetic, i pretend to be funny and am always smiling. this wasn't coming through in my blog posts, twitter tweets, or any writing for that matter. it's hard to type a feeling or all the sounds we make when we're excited or speaking in general. listen to yourself speaking all day today; how would you write some of it? do you sound like you? do you sound like someone else? is it just words, plain and naked of emotion or personality? words? or YOU? it matters. i love, love, love reading my friend's blogs where i can really hear that person saying that or feel like i'm getting to know someone new through their bloggy personality.

it will take some time. it is a journey this blog thing, not a destination. grow with me, will you?


PS next week my lollipops winter newletter goes out! are you signed up?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party

1. paper hearts from etsy
i'm going to have to make some of my own paper hearts!
tutorial next week?

2. i have been loving little square envelopes! 
you'll be seeing some lovely ones in my shop soon!

3. felted heart barrettes by the purl bee

4. magnetic tic tac toe to go in a tin from my shop ;)
super cute and fun!

5. big herringbone cowl from Whitney also of the purl bee.
this is much needed for the inevitable cold weather - isn't it pretty?!!
i could see me wearing that ;)

ok now it's your turn to link up what you love!
link up your favs and loves on your blog and/or shop!!

have a lovely wednesday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {Valentine Mailbox}

let's make some of these
cute, huh?!! here's how:

pick up some cute little mailbox tins at Michael's.
bring your family together and pick some pretty papers.
cricut out your first initial size 2.5 with songbird cartridge.

attach with photo tape or tape runner.
add do-dads and whatnots.

the girl and dog cut out is from the child's year cartridge.

now you're ready for love notes to fill your mailbox. 

happy family crafting!

don't forget to sign up for the lollipops newsletter coming out next week! eek!

and tomorrow i'm hosting a 
"what i love wednesday" linky party -so get your "loves" ready!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet Shot

linking up with Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday...

surf check.
father and son.
{del mar beach}


Sweet Shot Day

it's in the bag

i promised i'd share my new kelly moore bag
here's what's inside.

i love the color of my bag and i just love the fact that 
it holds everything and keeps it ORGANIZED!

my camera is 4 pounds, plus the extra lens, plus my wallet phone, etc 
and when i put it on my shoulder it is so unbelievably comfortable!
and it slides right on, no elbow in the way issue - it's the perfect size!
pockets galore and repositionable velcro inserts keep everything at hand!

it's strong an sturdy, well worth the little investment to keep my 
camera safe and sound and everything else all in one place!

happy monday!

start getting ready to link up with this week's 
what i love wednesday linky party!!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker -book- Giveaway Winner!

congratulations to comment #16 - sunshineyou! 
please email me at krystina{at}lollipopscards{dot}com 
so i can give you your book!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

family ties that bind

recently we took a trip to meet up with family...
i love seeing everyone together, especially watching my kiddos connect
with family - grandparents, cousins, even great grandparents! it's so fun.
and when you're all together (family issues aside)
you see how wonderfully important it is to be together.


ps don't forget to enter the book giveaway!!! click here :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

time for another lovely edition of what i love wednesday!
i love...

1. this closet craft workspace by ready made wow! so beautiful and smart! i love it!

2. my kelly moore bag came in the mail!
in this pic i already had my camera, two lenses, wallet, phone and diapers in the bag!
what i love about it is the color (of course, who am i kidding) and the fact that it doesn't tip over! it stays up so the contents don't fall out! - ok i can see i'm going to have to do an entire post on this bag! so be looking for that soon!

3. this sunburst mirror DIY <----- yay!!! by the nester i just love how simple and elegant it is.
don't you just love her house?!!

4. a peek at my sweet little custom order "owl" be finishing up soon ;)

5. my fun blissdom cards in my shop. are you going? you might want to have these!

i'm noticing a trend here - um can you say aqua? it just so happens to be my fav color right now. who would have guessed?!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker book GIVEAWAY!!!

Creating Keepsakes is proud to announce they have brought back The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker into print! a much coveted craft publication by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey - you can get it again here: {buy here} check out this preview: {book preview here}

and one of my lovely lucky readers will win a copy of this book this friday!

this book includes self-discovery quizzes to help you on your way to organize your space.
full of inspiration and creative projects. you get expert advice from two leading scrap organizational gurus and you'll have the fortune of seeing the craft space of 7 different experts! {LOVE}

i am so excited to preview a copy of this book! big thanks to CK! 
The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker is going to to be a huge help for my new craft space 
- The Creative Arcade! YAY!!!

all my lovely readers get a 25% discount when purchasing this book until February 11! 
use coupon code DS25DT.

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enjoy & good luck lovelies!!

Completely Blank

it is amazing when we consider what we create with completely blank space. think about nothing then something is born, invented, created. only through God do we have this wonderful gift.

as i began today's post, i was staring at my blank "new post" screen, with the cursor blinking at me, "well, are you going to say something? what will you write? come on already i haven't get all day..." i have ideas pouring from me, then i sit down and see the blank canvas and am paralyzed.

today i decided to stop and savor it's emptiness, perfect, and untouched.

here is your blank space. what will you create today?

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Creative Arcade

excuse me, can you come back later?
i am busy crafting away in my new craft room aptly named the arcade by my sweet friend Meg.

oh, you want to see what i'm doing?
well i'm working on a secret custom order to be revealed later {shhhh}
ok i'll give you a peek on wednesday, but you have to come back on wednesday ok?

i am also working on these:

and these:
 and these:
 and these:

and more new surprise goodies on their way ;) 

stop by my shop anytime, the door is always open and *you* are always welcome!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Newsletter

hi all i wanted to let you know i am working on the winter edition of the lollipops newsletter. please sign-up above lovely followers on the right of my blog. you'll get 15% off your next lolli order and a wonderful newsletter delivered right to your email inbox every season!

Announcing the New Craft Room Name!!!

thank you all who brainstormed and shared your ideas with us!
after much thought and consideration (so much we went past our allotted time!), 
we finally picked the name that fits the girls and i and our crafts ;)
and the lucky winner is Meg who said "The Arcade" and my girls tweeked it to...

"The Creative Arcade"

why arcade you say?
when i think of an arcade i think of fun and bright colors.
i think of all the games at an arcade like all the different crafts my girls and i share.
beads, eyelets, papers, stamps, thread, ribbon = arcade
besides, we just {LOVE} the name Arcade!!!
it's different and interesting!

thanks Meg!!! 
you just picked up the Creating Keepsakes 
magazines and the love notes! check your email ;)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

giveaways ending tomorrow!

have you thought of a name for my craft room?? 
please enter it by clicking here -today is the last day!!!

head over to songs kate sang for a lollipops giveaway 
before the giveaway ends tomorrow.

hello thursday {i need help...}

got paperwork? i do. piles and piles.
this is supposed to be my desk. it isn't functioning quiet well right at the moment.

could you please come over and help me learn how to file?

i have set up files that, apparently, don't work for me. Gussy recently did a couple of organize your space posts - i love them! need to read them again! anyone else have any tips for me? my papers pile up so quickly. school papers, receipts, fliers, catalogs, coupons, bills, work papers, notes, and lists which brings me to my other disorganization dilemma...

i currently use 6 different calendars - this is a very bad idea. why? because i will write a dentist appointment on one calendar and a meeting on another - turns out they are at the same time - um conflict! using one calendar is best but i can't seem to find the one that suits me best. i need a task list with a calendar and i need it to be portable and quick and easy to use. i also need to be able to write notes/ideas for myself - or should i keep that separate? i like iCal, but on iPod/iPhone iCal has left out the task list! so i downloaded "things"; awesome for a task list, then i bought a franklin covey planner - one problem - writing and re writing reoccurring events. cozi - ok i guess, but not my fav.  i could go on and on...

help! what do you use? who or what helped you get organized?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What We Wore Wednesday

linking up with Lindsey!

being silly, just playing with my camera.

purple velvet coat: RVCA
pants: alpine stars
white button up & beige sweater: express

baby: baby Gap
mama: dress oldnavy, DC pants, Target flats, RVCA sweater
jacket: DC
cream top ?, turquoise cami Gap
skirt? (gift from gammy), grey leggings Target
boots lulus

baby: baby Gap and Target
mama: RVCA sweatshirt, alpine stars plaid pants
giggles: priceless. haha just kidding

have a wonderful wednesday!!