Thursday, March 31, 2011

how to make a printed font list

one of the coolest things i remember vividly was walking into a graphics design and print shop about 16 years ago. there was a piece of paper hanging on the wall with all the print shop's fonts, how they look typed and printed with the coordinating name.

at the tender age of 19 this was my mecca - paper as far as the eye could see and mac computers designing logos, business cards, signs and other printed materials.

but how to print out a list of your fonts from your computer not just their names but their style printed?

last week i scoured the internet and finally found it: font parade. download the free app, then print out your chosen fonts from your font book or all of your fonts! sorry pc peeps, this is a mac thang, though i'm sure there's a pc app out there too.

i chose to print out all of my fonts, stuck them to a clip board and ta-da!
today when i was designing a wedding card i wanted a sweet handwritten font i looked through my 40 page list - it was actually a lot faster than i thought it would be -about 1 minute! looking on the computer at all the fonts usually takes me 30 minutes to choose one!!! so this is a very valuable tool for me!

i hope you can take advantage.
what is one of your most valuable tools?


  1. wow thanks so much! so what is the font "and they lived happily ever after?"
    gonna give this a try!
    thanks for the tip.

  2. such a great idea.. thanks you so much for sharing this!


  3. Oh, how exciting! I looove fonts. I'm new to Mac but luckily, this post came just a few weeks after I got my first one! Thanks alot! xoxo Joy

  4. Ok...I must say...Genius. LOVE it...I'm a Mac girl too! Now I know where your daughter get's her creative strokes of genius!

  5. I managed to find a software for PC :D
    I love your site btw. I'm a design student from Indonesia. Currently saving to buy my own mac ;p


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