Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday {Birthday edition} and a video!

on my way to see my mom at my Nana's :)

a yummy yogurt concoction my Soleil made.
Francesca made me a huge birthday poster and hung it at 
5am so it was sure to be up well before me ;)

and my little Francesca is making me red velvet cupcakes for my birthday.

she did a great job! so tasty!
they lit candles and sang me happy birthday -
love hearing my kids, especially the toddler, singing to me :)

on our way out and about on 'the' day :)

IKEA is for eating ribs and jumping on beds. 

had to have this big IKEA Stockholm throw pillow

and i love this one so much it inspired a makeover!!
come back for the post on monday!

the surfer guy took me out to the fish market... yum!

and he spoiled me.

time to write thank you cards. 
just grabbed these out of my shop :)

a vinegar soak to remove the yucky white film our old 
ancient dishwasher left before we got a new one.
the recipe for the vinegar soak is here.

this is my girls singing "starships" and apparently 
Mr. Boy doesn't seem to like it very much... hahahaha.

how was your week?

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Sponsor Love

 meet Erika...
I believe in Jesus' redemption, lots of laughter and at least two cup of coffee every morning.

I love my family, my friends, lots of sleep and eating as much chips and salsa as I can handle.

I'm a self-proclaimed dork, I prefer pie over cake any day and have been teaching myself to sew since third grade. (apparently I'm a slow learner.)


I blog WITHOUT excuse for who I am
Without shame for my imperfections.
I share
what’s on my heart, my mind,
what’s burning in my soul.
I share with you
Snippets of our families life.
But I do it for me.
To give this blog as a gift to my children someday.
So they can look back and see their successes,
their lives…. their journey.


A perfect day for me starts somewhere by the beach,
whether it be walking my dog, biking or going for a morning surf.
Then on to checking e-mails, connecting with friends
and writing about something hopefully worth sharing.
Walking out to my shop I'm anxious to get started on a project, new job or idea.
If the day goes my way I get to comb my favorite thrift stores and hit the
farmers market.


She enjoys all things crafty, wearing flip flops 365 days per year, talking about herself in third-person,reading, thrifting, and baking. Her love of vintage finds started as a child, and she loathes spending money on anything brand new.

Kimmie believes in God. She believes in kindness. She believes in second chances and happily ever after.

She is the PTA President at her daughter's school, and "room mom" for both kids' classrooms. She attends college full-time taking online courses; she may go to school forever just to continue learning. She works part-time for the family business, and spends her free time reading her favorite blogs.


thank you for stopping by today!
if you are interested in sponsoring lollipops please see my rates & packages → here
then contact me and i will let you know if you're a good fit.
i love getting to know all these fabulous ladies and read what they have to say.
isn't it a true blessing, this blogging community?

Guest Post {Knitty Bitties}

Top 10 things I'm looking forward to this summer::
1. Time with My Little
We have 7 short weeks of summer break and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest!
2. Eating Outside
Why does a meal taste better outside?? I love casual dinners on our patio, date nights with my Sweets on a local resturant's patio or picnic dinners as a family.

3. Reading
A love of mine I've neglected the last few years. I will be making time for reading this summer. Currently I'm reading Kisses from Katie {which will stir your soul in the most wonderful ways}.
4. Playdates 
Catching up on time with friends ... for me and for my Little.
5. Biking
I got a cruiser bike for my birthday and I couldn't love it more. Lots of bike rides planned with my Little. In fact we'll be challenging ourselves to ride more miles with incentives like ice cream and snow cones.
6. Family Vacation
We're still figuring out what this will look like this year, but time together without the constraints of work schedules = a vacation, no matter where we go. Memories are made when we're together.
7. Swimming
A summer staple. I don't particularly love to swim, but I love to watch my Little spend hours swimming away. I like to stay poolside and dip my legs/toes when I get really hot.  Our local water park isn't half bad either ... this is one time I DO get in the water, it's too fun not to!
8. 4th of July
Love this day and celebrating our great nation with family.
9. Summer Treats
Homemade Ice Cream, popscicles, Snow Cones, Sonic Happy Hour ...
basically anything cold and sweet!!
10. Late mornings and Late nights
Enjoying the freedom of our own schedule with sleeping in and staying up late!
What's on your top 10 for this summer? Whatever it is, I hope you take time to put off some of you "have-to's" and enjoy more of your "want to's"!

knitty bitties

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 74}

oh look, my birthday happens to be on a wednesday...
gotta love that!
what are you loving today?
new here? read  this.

happy birthday tooooo me ;)
can't wait to see what you're loving!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

brown butter cookie company

we just had to stop at the brown butter cookie co. a while back.
if you have never tried their delectable delights, you are truly missing out!

i have no idea how they do it. 
it seems simple, yet amazingly delish!

they make cookies that are to die for!
visit these wonderful ladies in Cayucos or shop online by clicking here.

i treated my mom and the kids... and myself ;) to their original and the cocoa
i LOVE both {so sweet}

here are some fonts that are close to the 
brown butter cookie company's fonts ;)

i believe they use baskerville in capital letters for
"brown butter cookie company"

and they chose a very sweet font for "cookies".
i found one that is similar but not exact... fling

i love how they paired these fonts for such sweet packaging!

have a wonderful day!
treat your self today for a mid week respite -
cookies perhaps, or a nice lounge in the afternoon sun :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Photography Friday

saying goodbye to spring and hello to summer.
what does summer bring your way?


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a recent visit to the queen bee

some goodies from my visit to the queen be market...

until next time :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 73}

i love summer...

happy first day of summer friends!
what do you have planned?
can't wait to see what you're loving!