Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the find

hello, happy tuesday lovelies!

i wanted to share my second find with you!

my first was the birdcage.

my second are these...
 $3 for the whole set, i love the cream color and the vintage look.

i have never been a big thrifter/yard saler - but i wanna be.

i have no idea where to go or how to do it, but i am starting to find my way.

right now i am pretty sure i am paying too much, but i think i will soon be knowledgeable of this learned skill - that some have as a lucrative profession. i just want to be able to decorate my home and the creative arcade with fun finds :) how about you? do you like second hand goods? finding vintage items for super cheap? are you good at it? how do you figure out where to go?



  1. $3 for an entire set of plates is pretty good. Flea markets, auctions and thrift stores are all awesome. I like messy thrift shops that you have to dig through and some of the random dirty looking stores. They tend to not know what things are worth. I've noticed that some of the larger and more well known chains of thrift stores, depending on the area, are starting to price things closer to what they could actually retail them for online.

  2. p.s. That bird cage is adorable. I can totally imagine it painted any number of adorable colors.

  3. i love thrifting, too! i'm not sure i'm good at it, but i love it. we should go sometime!

  4. Ohhhhh that set is fab....
    what a great find... great price! Love it!
    I am a huge thrifter.. love looking and seeing what I can find!
    I want to learn more too... often, I find amazing finds, right now.. I am into finding vintage fabrics.. floral linens and pillowcases.. i wanna make a patchwork quilt! xo Love your blog dear friend...

  5. $3 for the entire set is amazing!! honestly, i would have probably taken them home for $10! and you just can't beat white/ivory dishes. they go with everything and they're just so classic!!
    nice job!!

  6. Thrifting is my middle name! $3 for the whole set is a STEAL. We just found a random antique shop around the corner from us and got an old laundry wringer last night on the CHEAP. I have been collecting vintage items since I was a kid, but now that I have my own house, it's way more fun to shop. Let me know if you ever need a shopping partner! :)

  7. you did good, girlfriend!

  8. great thrift finds! i love thrifting and it's when i'm not looking for anything that i end up finding the best things! happy thrifting!

  9. I love finding little treasures. But unfortunately I'm not so great at it. I'll just have to keep practicing!


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