Thursday, March 17, 2011

the letter writing project: assignment No. 2

please take a moment to get to know the Soares family.
Gretchen has a son with spina bifida, i encourage you to read Nathaniel's story here
or visit her blog at

your writing assignment is to write Gretchen to lift her up and give her support. 
  • i know she has daily challenges that complicate life. 
  • i know she struggles with time for herself and 
  • i know she is a good mother trying to do everything she can for her children. 
your words received through the mail in a letter to her will greatly impact her heart - i know.

unfortunately because of family situations Gretchen would prefer to keep her address private for now.

So please write to:
Gretchen Soares
in care of lollipops
po box 329
morro bay ca 93443

i will be hand delivering your sealed acts of kindness to her as they arrive.



  1. Krystina,
    What a positive, inspiring, ray of light you are!

    I recently taught the disabilities awareness merit badge to our group of boys scouts. During the process we needed to meet with people with disabilities, so we arranged to meet with a fellow boy scout troop with special needs sponsored by ARC.

    Afterwards, ironically, the ARC troop asked me to help them also with the disabilities awareness merit badge. There I sat, teaching a group of fine people, that just happened to have disabilities, about disability awareness. Long story short, we discussed how everyone has disabilities. Some may be more obvious than others, but in the end we all have plenty of great attributes to work with and smile about!

    Thanks for sharing the Soares family story and being a much-needed positive force in the world.

    Take care,

  2. Oh Krystina....

    You touch my heart with all of your posts... but this... wow.

    On a very tough day, you have blessed me beyond words.

    You are an inspiration!


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