Friday, March 11, 2011

5 leaf clover?

happy friday.

is your computer wearing green? 
pinch it or download this happy green high res 
March rain photo for your desktop ;)
your computer will be relieved you did.

yesterday my little francesca found a FIVE leaf clover in our lawn.
the story goes like this...
francesca: mommy, look i was doing a handstand and i found, not a four leaf clover, but a five leaf clover! i have been looking for one for so long, i finally found one! me: let me tell ya kid, i've been looking a lot longer than you, why? because i know they happen to exist, see? (this is better if you imagine my voice as a 1930's wise guy) my mother and her sis found one when they were little and gave it to their old lady -nana. nana still has it, to this day in her purse, laminated and whatnot. and i have never found one, see? francesca: we'll i'm not giving this one to you. *skips away* me: well, say hello to my little friend *whips out nikon D7000 and shoots away*... te-heehee. (that was more 1970's right there)
ok, ok, so anyway, we really truly couldn't believe it!

i wonder if five leaf clovers are luckier than four? or does the fifth leaf cancel everything out?


  1. I LOVE four leaf clovers. I have searched for one my entire life! My mother-in-law has one framed above her kitchen, so I always counted that one as my "found one". Then, last year, when I was visiting my bestie in DC, we found them at the National Garden! So, so, so happy!

    I still search for them anytime I notice a pile of clovers.

  2. i really love your page! saving that picture to my computer right now. :) and ive never found a 4 leaf clover either. its one of my life quests. haha.

    Thanks alot for the new background!:)
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