Thursday, March 3, 2011

the letter writing project: assignment No. 1

hello lovelies!
today i am giving you a letter writing assignment.
if the spirit catches you i would love for you to write
to my friends to encourage them and lift them up.
Traci, Dale, Ian, and Kathy.

a beautiful family, 
Ian has autism... and Traci has lupas 
and it really takes its toll... 
Tracy is a BEAUTIFUL Christian sister!

please send your words of encouragement to:

Traci Kimball
1104 La Vida Ln. 
Arroyo Grande, CA 

we could all use a lovely letter to brighten our day.
imagine how you can impact this family's day.

thank you.


  1. I am a momma with a very special autistic son, as well, and I love this idea. I will most certainly get on this today! What a great idea!

  2. Love this "assignment"! How sweet of you to want to lift up and encourage this family! I will definitely join you in this.
    Sidenote: I just noticed your comment message (leave a message after the beep). How very cute! My favorite ever.

  3. what a beautiful heart you have...this idea is truly lovely.

  4. I adore this family..... Traci is such a dear woman! How sweet of you to encourage us to lift her up :)


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