Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 6}!!

welcome to another fun week of what i love wednesday!
here are some loves from last week...

and here are my loves this week...

1. this mug rug from for the love of joy
calling my cup of coffee!

2. i love ampersands. here's a cute set from my shop ready to ship :)

3. pinterest, have you heard of it? i love it.

ok 4. and 5. go together, ahem, brownies and my fav show - mod family...
need i say more?
oh, and the font is savoye. enjoy :)

what are you loving?



  1. there's soo much pretty in this post!! i recognize the oh sweet lee me pictures and yay for anna's mug rug!! :) happy hump day!!

  2. love the mug rug. that so needs to come to my house!

  3. Ha! Love #4. Sooooooo true.

    Also, I simply adore your linky party. I do. I really, really do.

  4. Love your cards- you have great ideas!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. This has become one of my favorite posts! I love visiting your blog on Wed. and then all those who linked up. Your list today is fantastic! I loooove Modern Family! For the Love of Joy is one of my favorite Etsy shops. I'm new to Pinterest, so I'm not sure yet how it all works, but I think I'm gonna love it!

  6. I LOVE your ampersand cards! Oh my they are so cute!

  7. Great minds think alike---because I am loving pinterest (and am on it right now surfing) and have been watching modern fam. season one with the hubby...

    perhaps i'll go drink coffee and make brownies now...


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