Thursday, March 10, 2011

the letter writing project: assignment No. 1 {have you written?}

pay it forward, give, offer, send love.
whatever you like to call it; here it is:

hello lovelies!
last week i gave you a letter writing assignment...

"if the spirit catches you i would love for you to write
to my friends to encourage them and lift them up.
Traci, Dale, Ian, and Kathy.

a beautiful family, 
Ian has autism... and Traci has lupas 
and it really takes its toll... 
Tracy is a BEAUTIFUL Christian sister!"

if you haven't already done so 
please send your words of encouragement to:

Traci Kimball
1104 La Vida Ln. 
Arroyo Grande, CA 

or send them another!

i have had a loss for words
but i am not giving up.
Tracy your letter is on it's way to you!

i will have more assignments for you in the weeks to come