Monday, July 30, 2012

This Week's Dinner Menu Planner {week 12}

i have a bunch of summery recipes this week for you!

Summer Peach and Balsamic Pizza

Friday, July 27, 2012


started last weekend off with a fig and walnut salad. yum!

did muh nails ;)

i'm a café au lait girl - i like a bit of coffee with my cream.

lovely beach sunset.

sometimes i can't believe the iPhone camera - so nice on this yellow hibiscus.


tagged by four flights of fancy on instagram - 5 random things about me :)

monday mani! this was a fun one!

asking what color(s) should i paint this dresser in my kitchen?
kitchen is white and taupe. please help!

went to the miniature railroad museum in balboa park. amazing!

the girls had to have a lemonade stand...

it worked out because we also made lemonade ice cubes for yesterday's DIY
and yes i am really showing off my fun manicure!

and popsicles the next night. summer is fun!

decided i should give blood. so i did :)


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lemonade Ice Cubes DIY

sweeten that lemon in your water.
replace your lemon slice with a lemonade ice cube!
and stay cool and hydrate more this summer!
no more watered down iced tea, soda, or cocktails!

i would call these my lovely assistants, however, they did most of the work ;)
  • for 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice 
  • use 1 cup water 
  • and 1 cup sugar
  • freeze in ice cube trays
add to:
  • water
  • your diet coke ;)
  • iced tea
  • citrus cocktails


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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 78}

i love pretty manis!!!
follow the twitter hashtag: #manimonday for fun ideas. 
and so many lovely manis on pinterest.
i've been having fun trying new manicures lately with my girls :)
can't wait to see what you're loving today!



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sponsor Love {Rouge & Whimsy}

I am super excited about the new items I just added to the shop...
I thought it was time to get on the ombre trend. These fun 10 inch foldover clutches feature bright dyed ombre fabric and a bold brass zipper. They're perfect for going out and special occasions, or throw them in a big bag to organize your stuff.

This line is a limited edition-- so snag 'em while you can!

They're currently listed for $28 in the shop

I'm kind in love with pairing spring colors with gray right now-- especially these two hues: peach and mint! Each has a gray floral lining and leather straps. These bags are durable; I use mine everyday to cart around all my stuff. They measure 12 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches and can even carry a laptop.

These guys are $50 each in the shop.

And because I love you all and love summer, get 15% through Wednesday, July 18 with the code "SUMMERTIME."
xo, erika

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can't wait to have you!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week's Dinner Menu Planner {week 11}

this is a super fun week of dinners!
i am  having a great time planning and cooking, i hope you are too!

Food Truck Veggie Gyros

Friday, July 20, 2012

Photography Friday

i've been playing with the self portrait tips from 
kristine lynn's mini series on Rags to Stitches

what do you think?

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sponsor Love {Rags to Stitches}

look what my creative friend Alissa has made!
isn't she adorable?!!
and slightly genius to boot. i would venture to guess you want some
of these snazzy lil' clutches in your fashionably conscious mits.
well, today's your lucky day
go now! they are selling out quick!

here's her blog. stop by and say hi, tell her i sent you :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Love Wednesday {No. 77}

i love this linky party, but i don't love how a large percentage looks like a "what i wore" linky party - it's what i LOVE.

i know you love what you wear - great! post that on a what i wore linky party please. i have super close friends who host "what i wore" so i am embarrassed - like i am copying them: if i were to host a what i wore wednesday too that would be copying. but i am hosting a linky party for other things that you love, PLEASE.

i am putting my foot down *she says with a pouty lip* this is the last wednesday you can get away with posting what you wore, next week and going forward i will delete the links that are what you wore unless your post is titled what i love and you made it, upcycled it, or thrifted it and you love it - again in this case your post must be titled what i love. why am i doing this? because i am a blogger with integrity, i care about my friends, and i am not kidding when i say i am embarrassed to open WILW and see all these what i wore links. srsly!

also, i have noticed many are not sharing WILW button, link, or trackback. so now you will not be able to link up without a trackback (my link on your post).

a party is fun. this party is to get to know new blogs and/or new things to love. let's have fun and get to know each other, promote each other, enjoy life, respect each other, trust each other, live honestly and responsibly. thank you lovely friends!

i can't wait to see what you LOVE!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week's Dinner Menu {week 10}

in an effort to organize my own menu planning i bring you another
yummy week of the dinner menu planner!
this week is delicious comfort food on the healthier side. enjoy!

Corn and Chicken Dinner

Friday, July 13, 2012


another fun summer week...
the boy put his toys away all by himself. can you believe it?
neither could i, so i had to take a picture!

i have this every so often, my oldest loves it like it's a main food group.
i definitely like the graphics :)

oh, happy mail day! a letter from my mom, one of my martha stewart mags,
and my new planner from Much Ado About You!!!
i'm sure you'll see a pic of the planner by next week (don't you fret)

i put some citrus in a basket. i love fruit!

time for cambozola and figs. i just discovered cambozola...
it's gorgonzola and camembert together *begin drooling*
sooooo tasty!

after all that cheese it's time for an after dinner walk... or run :)

my deprived children have never seen the classic: dumbo.
so we watched it yesterday - this is the scene where dumbo is "born".

on the blog this week you might have missed:
:: What I Love Wednesday -1 hour yoga episode for you!! :: 

 how was your week?
and how is your summer going?
Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley