Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 10}!!

wow our 10th what i love wednesday! yay!
i am really loving seeing all your loves! thank you for linking up!

here's what i love this week...

1. craft room by Heather Bailey *i die*

2. packaging *sigh* so sweet by luxecetera.

3. adorable little fabric paper dolls set by my friend Tiffanie of TrulySkrumptious.

4. melting over these handsome ties by the belle and the beau.
Mr. Boy is days away from 2 and i think he needs his portrait taken in one of these.

the numbers typography i used is cast iron download for free here!

can't wait to see what you love!



  1. oh my gosh, number one...swoon. I love that mint desk. It would look super awesome as an island in my kitchen.

  2. wow, that craft room is amazing! great font too!

  3. Oh goodness, LOVE that craft room! Such an inspiring space. :)

    Linking up for the first time today! <3

  4. I LINKED UP ! and omg. those ties are awesome!!!

  5. this is turning into a weekly favorite! thank you so much...happy wednesday! :)

  6. ooooh! the office and the ties! love them!

  7. I love the packaging! It's a personal goal of mine to put more effort into the presentation of a gift and not just the gift itself. It's so lovely when people do!

  8. wonderful idea!!!
    love this site :)

  9. that packaging is SOO amazing!! love it!!

  10. what a cute craft room, and those fabric paper dolls are so adorable, what a grate idea to use fabric.

  11. Heather Bailey's craft room...oh. my. word. I remember the first time I ever saw it on her blog. It's just to die for!


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