Monday, January 31, 2011

Focus: 2011 resolution check

remember at the beginning of this month (also the beginning of a new year),
i made a resolution
i thought i would check in since today is the very last day of January. 

i know many don't make resolutions anymore - a waste of time they say. 
i need them. 
i have made myself work on each year's resolution to the best of my capabilities. 
having a word or goal in the foreground on most days guides me and my choices.

that being said...
i need to focus!
i need to tidy up a bit for workflow, wouldn't you say?

how can i possibly focus at "work" in the creative arcade
or at my desk like this? i can't find anything!
having this mess is such a time waster.

and what am i going to wear? good thing it's laundry day!
now who's going to do it? oh, yea... me.

so off i went this weekend re-organizing and tidying.
i had trouble getting ALL the laundry done - 
trouble was, i didn't want to do it! 
so i have a few more loads calling my name.

my favorite thing about re-organizing this time is usually 
my least favorite - paperwork.
who would have guessed? I LOVE PAPER
just not paperwork!

i have been dying for a system forever
and proactively researching and brainstorming a system all month.

i got the idea from the system my friend Gussy created.
i estimate she intended her ideas for educating the paperwork crippled masses
like myself that struggle under 7 and 10 foot scattered paperwork piles.
{thank you Gussy!}

this is what i do.
files for orders...

a filing cabinet for all other must keep files...

and a large binder for to do lists, goals, ideas, and timely information...

i call it "mapping my life".
i need a road map to see where i am going.
i think i know where i want to be so i need to 
figure out how to get there with a "map".

i have categorized sections depending on the different hats i wear;
general household, homeschooling, 
school webmaster, logo design, blog, and stationery design.
in each section i have a to do list and in my blogging section i have a calendar.
i finally decided to use my computer calendar for everything, just not the blog.
i like to write out a week or two at a time of what i plan to blog so
i can prepare tutorials, pics and whatnot. 

i look through my sections and see what needs to be done each day.
so far it's a theory that has worked for a couple of days.
i feel better though and more organized. 

more focused.

ahhh, now i can work :)

are you feeling frazzled?
what works for you?
are you keeping atop your resolution(s) so far?


  1. where did you get that green file cabinet? I love it!!!

  2. thanks Meg! i got it for free at a yard sale. it was red and i painted it "asparagus" green. the baby likes to put his magnetic letters on it so it's a little worn. i love it too!!!

  3. were those pix taken of my basement? i am in a disorganization desert. in real life, i'm actually quite organized...just somewhat sidetracked. i'm inspired by you organizational i'm sure you are, too! yay for lovely spaces to create!

    looks i'm getting after my stuff...paper piles: be gone!


  4. Look at you! Gettin' all organized and schtuff.

    I need to get my papers organized better. Receipts, order slips, etc. I'm using the envelope system right now. Hmmm. That's the greatest system.

  5. Cute files! I love those!

    This is great. I start my "new year" tomorrow and organization is one of my top, top top things!


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