Friday, January 14, 2011

Announcing the New Craft Room Name!!!

thank you all who brainstormed and shared your ideas with us!
after much thought and consideration (so much we went past our allotted time!), 
we finally picked the name that fits the girls and i and our crafts ;)
and the lucky winner is Meg who said "The Arcade" and my girls tweeked it to...

"The Creative Arcade"

why arcade you say?
when i think of an arcade i think of fun and bright colors.
i think of all the games at an arcade like all the different crafts my girls and i share.
beads, eyelets, papers, stamps, thread, ribbon = arcade
besides, we just {LOVE} the name Arcade!!!
it's different and interesting!

thanks Meg!!! 
you just picked up the Creating Keepsakes 
magazines and the love notes! check your email ;)


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  1. i love this name! and what a great idea to name your work have me thinking now : )


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