Thursday, January 27, 2011

bloggy lessons i've learned {lesson No. 01}

anyone recognize this place? locals or those from The Queen Bee Market might ;) out for a walk with the surfer guy, our girls, and Mr. Boy - photographing the day, taking in the sights and pondering my next post.

almost a month ago i started my new blog (YAY!!!), at which point i have placed a quote at the bottom...
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
-Judy Garland

be yourself. ok
sound like yourself. huh? *deer in the headlights*

what does this mean? i always heard to let your personality come through in your writing, and though i thought it was, it really wasn't. with all the grammar rules, laws, that i mostly break and trying to make sure what i write even makes sense and trying to not sound like a lost hillbilly shirtless in overalls looking for his tabaccy and banjo, ahem, an uneducated writer/speaker - person. not lol-ing and emoticon-ing every 5 words... i then forget to ask myself, "does my personality show here?" or is it just words? words.

make sure YOU really come through in your writing. i noticed that in person i am bubbly, energetic, i pretend to be funny and am always smiling. this wasn't coming through in my blog posts, twitter tweets, or any writing for that matter. it's hard to type a feeling or all the sounds we make when we're excited or speaking in general. listen to yourself speaking all day today; how would you write some of it? do you sound like you? do you sound like someone else? is it just words, plain and naked of emotion or personality? words? or YOU? it matters. i love, love, love reading my friend's blogs where i can really hear that person saying that or feel like i'm getting to know someone new through their bloggy personality.

it will take some time. it is a journey this blog thing, not a destination. grow with me, will you?


PS next week my lollipops winter newletter goes out! are you signed up?
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  1. Ok Krystina, this is weird. I was thinking about this exact thing this morning with regards to my blog-- and I even thought about you and your blog! By the way, maybe because I know you I can read more of you in what you write? Not sure. But you are doing something right. :-) As far as being funny- I always wonder how I can channel Penny. tee hee.


  2. thanks for stopping by Heather. i sure try to do something right - so i'm glad it's there :) Penny really is a hoot!

  3. He He He.... I am so laughing at the Penny comments.. she always brings a smile to my face that one... and I could NEVER be like her!

    Krystina, I hear you happy in your posts all the time, and I have only met you once or twice :) So it must be your writing and beautiful pictures.... I think your pictures show your heart very well!

    And how can I get in on that newsletter....

  4. thank you Heather and Gretchen ;) Gretchen, you can sign up for the newsletter on the right side of the blog above Lovelies (followers). yay!!

  5. is this the truth or what? it's the journey though that's always the fun part {or at least it is for me}. and with a good journey the destination is the icing on the cake! i've only been blogging for about a month, and i can say with 100% certainty...i have yet to find my blogging "voice." your blog is great and i look forward to growing with you. :)

    happy sunday - tamara


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