Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {Happy 2011/Thank You}

linking up with Darcy's sweet shot today :)
celebrate the new year!

i wanted to make happy new year cards and needed to write thank you cards. 
i decided to combine the two into one nice card :)

take a family photo or a photo of the kiddos... 
this can be tricky - the outdoors are distracting to baby.

i edited it in iPhoto -crop to a square and leave space for text on the photo

go into picasa 3 download here
click the photo you want to edit

add text
i chose big caslon for happy and edwardian script for 2011

export your photo back to iPhoto (i don't like how picasa prints)
duplicate your photo

print "custom" size 5 x5
print 2 on one sheet of photo paper

*you could probably do it all in one app like picasa and 
save yourself a few steps, but i am picky and choosy ;) 

then with your favorite cardstock create 6.5 x 6.5 square card.
have all the family members thank the recipient inside the card

adhere photo to front and mail asap :)
now my friends and family can hang up a nice 2011 photo of the kiddos,
and i have one for me!

happy new year!


  1. Great picture and fun tutorial! I'm inspired to crop more of my pictures as squares!

  2. Lovely job :-) Sweet photo and idea!


  3. Love the photo and the idea!!


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