Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {Valentine Garland}

happy 1.11.11 everyone!

ok this is super easy, yay!

i just used my cricut with red and white card stock.
you can use any cutting machine; or if you're really talented 
draw it yourself and cut it out by hand :P
i used the home accents & a child's year cartridges.

get the birdies how-to here.
to attach just use mini clothes pins on a ribbon - cute and easy. 
no fussy tutorials here :)

hang at a whim wherever cupid catches you.
make multiple garlands (is that even a word?) 
to hang in the window, around the house, and even at your desk. 

i want to make a mini one 
for the new _________ <---that's the new craft room (name still needed). 
oh, you have a good one? click here to name it and win prizes ;) 
so i think a mini valentine's garland would be cute on the wall in there, don't you?



  1. this is adorable!!! i love the {LOVE} piece!!
    thanks for sharing.

  2. SO cute! What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!


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