Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's Goodness

lovely hearts of red are making their annual debut around my house.

i am really enjoying the new look after finally taking Christmas down.

a friendly reminder:
don't forget to give me your name ideas for our craft room here.
and this week stop by songs kate sang for a special giveaway there.

come again soon ;)

what do you heart?
have you decorated yet? blogged it? leave your link in your comments :)
a special hello & happy monday to all my lovely followers!!


  1. I have! I'll have to take pictures :) Your decor is very cute!

  2. may I ask where you got thee birdie die cut (or did you make this and if so...I love it!)

  3. Thank you Nicole-Lynn & Sonya!
    Yes Sonya! There is a tutorial tomorrow!!! xoxo

  4. Wow. You're a rock star, woman! Valentine's Day stuff up? {hangs head in shame}

    I usually put up some things the day before. I'm so bad about decorating for other holidays besides Christmas.

    P.S. Stopping over from Sweet Shot Tuesday

  5. How fun! I don't decorate for any holiday but Christmas...these are some neat ideas...smiling!


  6. I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day but I found this super cool lighted heart to hang in the window that will give me fantastic bokeh which is my next project.

    Love your photo treatment.

    Visiting from SST.

  7. So lovely! I've never decorated for Valentines day but hopefully if we get a house this year I will be next year! :D

  8. very cute. Fave the cookie cutter

  9. You can never start spreading the love around too early. I love, love, LOVE your love! Beautiful!


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