Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

time for another lovely edition of what i love wednesday!
i love...

1. this closet craft workspace by ready made wow! so beautiful and smart! i love it!

2. my kelly moore bag came in the mail!
in this pic i already had my camera, two lenses, wallet, phone and diapers in the bag!
what i love about it is the color (of course, who am i kidding) and the fact that it doesn't tip over! it stays up so the contents don't fall out! - ok i can see i'm going to have to do an entire post on this bag! so be looking for that soon!

3. this sunburst mirror DIY <----- yay!!! by the nester i just love how simple and elegant it is.
don't you just love her house?!!

4. a peek at my sweet little custom order "owl" be finishing up soon ;)

5. my fun blissdom cards in my shop. are you going? you might want to have these!

i'm noticing a trend here - um can you say aqua? it just so happens to be my fav color right now. who would have guessed?!!



  1. Yay! You got your bag! It is gorgeous, I love the color! I am still hopelessly in love with mine. :)


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