Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello thursday {i need help...}

got paperwork? i do. piles and piles.
this is supposed to be my desk. it isn't functioning quiet well right at the moment.

could you please come over and help me learn how to file?

i have set up files that, apparently, don't work for me. Gussy recently did a couple of organize your space posts - i love them! need to read them again! anyone else have any tips for me? my papers pile up so quickly. school papers, receipts, fliers, catalogs, coupons, bills, work papers, notes, and lists which brings me to my other disorganization dilemma...

i currently use 6 different calendars - this is a very bad idea. why? because i will write a dentist appointment on one calendar and a meeting on another - turns out they are at the same time - um conflict! using one calendar is best but i can't seem to find the one that suits me best. i need a task list with a calendar and i need it to be portable and quick and easy to use. i also need to be able to write notes/ideas for myself - or should i keep that separate? i like iCal, but on iPod/iPhone iCal has left out the task list! so i downloaded "things"; awesome for a task list, then i bought a franklin covey planner - one problem - writing and re writing reoccurring events. cozi - ok i guess, but not my fav.  i could go on and on...

help! what do you use? who or what helped you get organized?


  1. limit yourself to 3 calanders! I have one that hangs on the wall in the kitchen for the the whole famliy; one that travels with me everywhere, and one in the offce. The calendar that travels with me is immediately updated at the kitchen first and then the office. that way Joe and the boys know the schedule and I always have an up to date claender in the office for soccer, etc. My traveling calender is the first thing I look at in the am/last thing in the pm by my bed. Sad but true, it does work! --Myra

  2. i have 1 calender, but i now put everything in my phone & it sends me reminders!!! easy for me:)

  3. I live by the outlook calendar! I have other cute calendars up... but only to help me out with the date... nothing gets written on them. If I don't put it all in one place, I go bananas.

  4. Oh, my goodness! ~ I haven't even finished reading all of this post but had to stop to say "hello" as soon as I read "I use 6 calendars!" ~ thank goodness I am not alone!! LOL I LOVE calendars, and well, ah...I seem to have a few for 2011, too!! Your blog looks like it is filled with lots of things I will enjoy so I'll go back to reading now! :)

    Hope you have a "tealightful" weekend!



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