Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {candy conversation hearts paper garland}

happy 1st day of february lovelies!
i brought some flowers for you...
click it for a high res for your desktop ;)
i'm linking this puppy up to Darcy's sweet shot.

and to celebrate the first beautiful day of february 
i have a super easy, cute tutorial for you!
scroll down for the free printable!!

ok, you know the stuff...

here's how to make your own -in paper that is...

print your sayings onto pastel card stock and 
cut out with Creative Memories' custom cutting system heart shape.

(if you don't have the heart shape cutter, don't fret there's a free printable!)

once you have all your shapes cut out (took me literally 2 minutes with my cutter)
then you can either hang them horizontal like a banner or like this...
i taped a thread to the cabinets above my bar and
i attached the hearts to the thread with tape -soooo high tech ;)

what i love about this little DIY, was something i hadn't planned...
since the paper is light and only attached at the top and the 
hearts aren't touching anything *this garland rotates*! 
the hearts slowly spin in different directions, like a sweet display of love.
you can add plain hearts to the back or hearts with sayings since it spins.

you could call these your paper candy heart-strings!

download the free printable here!

yay! happy day!


ps get ready to link up on tomorrow's what i love linky party!!


  1. i love that! i think i'm going to make one today. or tomorrow. or the next day. but soon!

  2. Your flower shot is so nice and colourful, it makes me think of Sprin. And your tutorial is now finding a home on my Tumblr Inspiration board.

  3. I just love it!! And I enjoy eating them too. Shhhh...

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That's such a cute idea! Love the flowers too.


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