Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

i'm linking up with Lindsey...
here's me playing with my camera on wednesday
looking for fun shots for my *new* blog header ^  ;)

dress from old navy on sale - yippee!
boots - lulu's

yep jeans. it's been freezing here!
{i was shivering in that dress on wednesday but just for pics it was too fun}
i really feel like staying in my jammies all day.
tuesday (yesterday) i actually wore leggings but looked like such a
dork that i couldn't go outside or take a pic for you :P

thursday: bag tj max (yuck) can't wait for my kelly moore bag.
tops and jeans from RVCA and uggs
friday: RVCA sweatshirt and jeans and uggs

saturday: i don't know what happened - 
apparently i didn't wear anything, the surfer guy must have been quite pleased.

sunday: RVCA tops DC jeans & those famous boots - lulu's
monday: tired mama - brown sweater DC white jeans from the Gap

happy wednesday!


  1. I love that dress! And your blog header is so incredibly cute!

  2. ummmm, hello you are incredibly adorable & your blog is super cute too!!!! so happy i found you!!!!

  3. awesome pictures...and the one with the mirror in the garden...I love it!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Great outfits! Love all your pics especially the outdoor ones, nice work!

  5. love it, can't believe you have 3 kids... you look so skinny minnie!!!


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