Monday, January 24, 2011

it's in the bag

i promised i'd share my new kelly moore bag
here's what's inside.

i love the color of my bag and i just love the fact that 
it holds everything and keeps it ORGANIZED!

my camera is 4 pounds, plus the extra lens, plus my wallet phone, etc 
and when i put it on my shoulder it is so unbelievably comfortable!
and it slides right on, no elbow in the way issue - it's the perfect size!
pockets galore and repositionable velcro inserts keep everything at hand!

it's strong an sturdy, well worth the little investment to keep my 
camera safe and sound and everything else all in one place!

happy monday!

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  1. Been thinking of this bag,but the Kelly
    boy since i have way more equip.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great review, the first one I've seen that actually shows how much stuff you can cram in it...I've been debating whether or not to get one for MONTHS!

  3. I got a great fossil bag for Christmas, and it's true. A good bag goes a long way!

  4. Hi, it's me. Moi. Ruthanne.

    Since I'm apparently a comment leaving flunky, I thought I would try again. :D

    First of all, love the bag. Someday I will gift myself one of her divine bags.

    Secondly, you have mah-velous taste. Blue is one of my fav colors.

    Thirdly, what camera do you shoot with?

    I'm outtie.

  5. thanks for posting again Ruthanne :)
    and thank you for all the lovely compliments, wow!
    i don't like to brag, but since this is a post for a camera bag, i'll divulge :)
    i shoot with a nikon D7000. i just got it, so i have a lot to learn, but i love it!

  6. very cute! that is one I want :)

  7. Wow- It holds a lot. I think I need to upgrade my bag :-)

  8. Hi there thanks for your review & pics... I want to get the b-hobo bag and currently have a D40. I am hoping to upgrade sometime soon to the D7000... do you think the bag would fit a D7000 with a 18-200 & a 35 lens?




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