Monday, January 3, 2011

i've moved!

my bloggy has a new address!
to visit me you will no longer go to
- i am now neatly located at -YAY.
i have been so excited for this for weeks now,
i could barely stand the wait.
i have had all these fun ideas floating around in my head...
"hmmm, a word bubble and boots sound good. 
and i want photo button pages."
it is so fun to see your ideas to fruition. i love creating!
i taught myself enough html & css to get started.
i still have so much to learn. most of the time i have no idea what i'm doing!
i just wanted more freedom than a template allowed so i created my own.

i felt that lollipops suited me and my blog more now that my cards are a
big part of all this. i also like to think of my girls being sweet like lollipops...
most of the time. now the blog, the cards, the family...
all one happy name. much easier.

now down to a little business. i would love to transfer all my lovelies (followers) over here to,
however, since i still don't know everything there is to know about code
i have to start all over. please follow in google friend connect -followers-
so i know you're here and i can see your bright shining face
on my blog each and every day :)

also if you've subscribed via email or rss feed to
you will want to subscribe to this blog which you can do over on the
right side near my family pics. its quick, easy and painless :) this way
you will have all my posts conveniently delivered to your
email or your rss reader.

i have forwarded to redirect to
so that should be kicking in pretty soon!

ok, enough business.

so, what do you think? 
take your time to take a look around my new home and get cozy.
i cleaned it up and decorated it just for you!
ps. don't forget to enter the "name my craft room contest" here.


please leave your comments; i love hearing from you!