Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello Thursday: {resolutions}

little be knownst to me my 20 month old son had a new years resolution.
on new years day Mr. Boy woke as usual, but he turned his bottle away! 
we had tried a few times to ween him off the bottle, 
and he had no problem drinking water or juice out of a cup; but milk? No Way! 
surprisingly, baby made his own new years resolution - to quit the bottle.

the rain falling new years day

stop at certain points of the day and really be aware. 
i felt that i did pretty good at that in 2010. 
it is so nice to notice the smaller moments and that
those are the moments that make life.  

now in 2011 my goal is focus,
pretty much the opposite of the modern marvel of mulitasking.
multitasking of making dinner with plans of some of it being lunch tomorrow,
and emptying the dishwasher while waiting for the microwave is
good multitasking that doesn't get me into trouble. 

the multitasking where i am making 3 sets of stationery for gifts,
social networking, talking on the phone, and homeschooling
- is the multitasking that gets me in trouble. 
it seems faster, but actually if i were to do each one at a time, 
it would get done faster,
easier and i believe everyone will be happier! 
and this new found focus will continue to foster being in the moment,
which is pure joy.

and you? what are your new years resolutions? have you blogged about it? 
be sure to leave your link in your comment!

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ps, thank you all for finding me here, stopping by, 
reading, following, and commenting! i am so thrilled!


  1. you, your blog, your family and your shop are all ADORABLE. so happy to have found you!

  2. not realy doing a resolution this year per say... but this IS what i'm doing!!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. i love your blog!!! and all of your paper creations! you are super talented.

    i love this post. i too am focusing on savoring each moment. they are too fleeting to just rush through them. i didn't do new years resolutions...instead i took the {one word} challenge and my word for 2011 is {thankful}. it's hard to complain and be all grumpy pants when i am constantly thinking of things to be thankful for!
    {here's the link:}

    have a great day friend!!


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