Monday, February 28, 2011

my fantasy

i have this fantasy of going to starbucks or peets coffee something like that. sitting with my cafe' mocha in hand while writing a lovely blog post with the other. listening to arcade fire in the background. all. by. myself. then going thrifting for an hour or two finding some fun pieces for my living room and something for the creative arcade and maybe a retro black & white polka dot dress... all. by. myself. then meeting a bestie for lunch at sally loo's, chatting it up, laughing, and going for a walk together in the gorgeous sunshine. hugs, goodbye, then off to take photos all around downtown, vintage shops, crowds crossing the streets, bubblegum ally, manequins in the window, fur lined lampshades, and hosery... all. by. myself.

this is a fantasy, that one day i plan to live out. maybe when the baby is in preschool and all my chores are done, the bedroom trim is caulked and painted and i decide to fly by the seat of my pants :)


  1. That sounds amazing!

  2. that is a beautiful intention! It will happen, just wait and see! xo

  3. That sounds wonderful! Let's do it :)

  4. Why in the world are you waiting?! Do it! Get a sitter and take that day. I know you deserve it!

  5. i love the board. Do it! take a break.. just dont do starbucks. Evil corporations make me sad especially when they practically steal money from other struggling parents trying to make a living.

    I LOVE the tutorials and im addicted to pinterest!

    visiting from indie biz :)


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