Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 4}!!

what a great turnout we had last week!!! 
here's a snippet if you missed it:
thank you all for sharing your loves.
i hope you link up again!

here's what i'm loving this week...

1. i really do love fonts, i get so excited about them sometimes. 
this is freebooter script - weird name but pretty font.
download it for free at

2. my top seller. i love this print :)

3. i am making the move from etsy over to big cartel. 
i am a bit nervous but mostly excited!
check out my new shop here :)

4. ok, i totally love this ruffled skirt Ruthanne from
eclectic whatnot made! get yours here right now!
(then come back and link up ok?!!)

5. lisa leonard holds my heart in every single one of her pieces.
i just LOVE her work. isn't she an outstanding woman?!!

now it's your turn link up what you love!!

and like my friend Darcy at my3boybarians says: 
"Be the encouragement you wish to receive! 
What’s a party if no one talks to you? 
Please comment on some of the other entries."




  1. I love fonts too!!! My favorite font is Surf Safari. It is in my blog header. It used to be my post title font, but there are issues. It will be back soon! I need to place an order soon, with your shop of course. And I big puffy heart The Lisa Leonard. If I wasn't swamped, I would be posting about things I love...maybe later today!

  2. I love that print and Ruthanne sent me one of the skirts for Kensington and it is ADORABLE.
    Please let me know what you think about Big Cartel. I am on ETSY and have been thinking about making the switch...

  3. i just received an email yesterday with a link to dafont. can't wait to check it out more this weekend! lisa leonard's jewelry...oh everything she does! she truly has a gift...yes she is outstanding! so - i'm not as organized as last week {valentine's day has me running behind!} but i'll link up some stuff. and hey - blissdom at home? i see the button on the right. i'm going to have to check that out?! happy rainy wednesday!

  4. Visiting your blog for the first time through The Pleated Poppy. :D
    Love those Lisa Leonard necklaces, too. :D

  5. First visit here via Ruthanne. What a cute meme you've got going here! I'm quite sure I need that picture taking freak print. Daddy's quote is awesome, so hopefully I'm doing it. (now I just hope it goes through, because apparently there's a big black hole in outer space full of comments I've left from my iPad)


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