Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {pretty birdcage}

this isn't really a "tutorial" per say, as maybe more of a fun idea:

get yourself an old, dirty, hunk of junk birdcage.
prices range anywhere from $0 - $5.
mine came with evidence that birds once lived here, fabulous.

set up an area where you can spray paint this puppy 
without ruining your weed infested backyard.

whip out a can of spray paint in your favorite color
i chose ode du turquoise. 
no, not really, just turquoise ;) $3.49 at Home Depot

now spray like crazy...

see? pretty birdcage!
from crap to pretty crap :)
just kidding.

ok, now let it dry a day and then you can use it.

repurposing old to new is so fun!
i hope i've inspired you to repurpose today :)


  1. this is fantastic! love it! i want a birdcage now.

  2. that's really cute, krystina!

  3. How cute! Great, bold choice on the birdcage!

  4. This is so cute! Great job. I am a new follower, I love your blog so far!!

  5. dang!! i was just in tuscaloosa at an "antique" shop {more like junk, but whatever!} and saw a beat up/nasty bird cage. wish i would have gotten it. would have been PERFECT! of course there wouldn't have been room for anyone in the car on the way back to knoxville, but that's okay!! love the idea. thanks for sharing!

  6. suuuper cute! i'm not sure if i have the guts to paint any of mine, but this may have just pushed me to do it!

  7. Love this colour of blue! Great job! Glad to have found your blog :)

  8. i love bird cages and you did a great job with this one! very inspirational!!


  9. This is featured on What I Whipped Up Wednesday right now, honey! xo


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