Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography Friday: {playing with iPhoto}

the edit:

while many photographers use photoshop as their weapon of choice, i'd like to point out two things. one is some of us have no idea how to understand photoshop it's like driving a rocket instead of a car - too many gadgets. and two, sometimes you don't need photoshop. most of my photos are shot, viewed, and blogged. sometimes i add a fun filter or frame. i don't like changing so much of the photo that i feel as though i didn't take a good photo in the first place. i challenge myself at the shutter and believe me i still have a loooong way to go :)

here are some fun effects in iPhoto and next week we will play with another photo editing app.

first this photo looks crooked so let's straighten it

 now for the fun. let's try some effects (original)

antique on 1 and fade color 2

go back to original and boost color, hmmm

black and white is fun but not for this pic

ooo, sepia

 let's try antique on 2 fade 1 and edge blur, hmmm, yep i like it :)

just a few clicks, easy peazy :)
which one would you choose?

have a fabulous weekend lovelies!!!
you are all totally AWESOME!!!



  1. yes. driving a rocket when a car would do. love it.
    i just got lightroom. have no. clue. what. i'm. doing.

    le sigh.

  2. I like the original, color boosted.

    But most of all, I love the subject. Can't believe you live by that. Awesome!

  3. i also have NO clue how to use photoshop, rocket ship is right...i agree iphoto can do a pretty good job!

  4. i have photoshop that i got for my birthday and i am so intimidated by it. so not user friendly therefore i still use picnik : )


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