Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Thursday: {writing letters}

in this electronic day and age i want to encourage you to
write letters and send out standard mail.

what's stopping you?
yes, it is painstakingly slower
- i have given this much thought, as an email is immediate.
going back and forth with one person in 8 emails in one day
is much more productive.
although, the letter carrier is bringing bills and junk mail anyway.
they deliver. why not give someone a reason to be excited to check their mail.
how lovely a feeling!
i love the month of december sending and receiving all those Christmas cards -
it makes checking the mail fun again

what about the carbon footprint of standard mail?
there is actually a carbon footprint to emails too, just think of the IT departments, buildings, and electricity, not to mention the ITs' commute to work.

it doesn't have to be an 8 page letter. can even be a quick note - thinking of you.
what a wonderful way to encourage and uplift!
make someone's day!

today i want to encourage you to write someone a real letter.
someone who you have been wanting to write anyway.
turn off the computer, get out your favorite stationery or some lined paper.
write some nice thoughts. seal it in an envelope and mail it off.
your letter carrier will appreciate you and will feel appreciated!

if you would like to you can write me and i'll write you back.

i am so excited about the letter writing project!
i have so much more for you with this project -yay!!!

i hope you find time today or this weekend to sit down and take time
to write someone a nice letter.

my first letter will be going to my grandmother.
who will you be writing?



  1. I love, love, love correspondence! I am writing my bestie tonight!

  2. I love handwritten letters! It's one of my biggest passions. I had penfriends all my life, starting in 2nd grade!!

  3. Such great encouragement! We need to show that we care, and a letter or card in my mailbox makes my day!

  4. This year i decided to start writing letters and I have been! I've sent out 5 so far this year and written some that i've just given the person! Its the best!!

  5. There is nothing quite like getting a sweet card or small care package in the mail. I definitely want to be better about sending mail to my friends and family.

  6. i have a good friend who's going through a very difficult time. even though she only lives two blocks away {i can see the roof of her house!} we never seem to connect. thank you for the letter-writing encouragement...i think i know exactly who i'm going to write! ...and, of course, i LOVE that you're writing your grandmother! :)

  7. Krystina, I too am a letter writer. I really miss getting letters from friends. I have a card ready to send to a college pal. Great idea to encourage what's becoming a lost art!

  8. that is so amazing San! i had a penpal in 3rd grade but lost touch around middle school.

    i am glad you are all joining me. i have written letters but not as much as i would like to - this has finally lit a fire under me.


  9. i'm sending my BFF a sweet dayspring card because she needs some encouragement. i always like to write inside the card funny memories we have shared just to make her laugh.

    love this krystina!


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