Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 5}!!

here's what i love this week:
1. tiny pouches from the pleated poppy
sew fun!

2. new custom stationery i am working on for a sweet client ;)

3. Brockman, aka Mr. Boy and Francesca chasing the ducks on a sunny day.

4. these sweet mugs in No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane's shop.
*love* her!

5. lovely lemons. our teeny tree is quite the producer.
these lemons taste like candy! i kid you not!

now it's your turn! link up what you love :)

have a lovely day!



  1. hey there. not sure what's up with my link. tried to upload a pic for my link. promise i tried! :) love the custom stationery that you're makin!

  2. how funny...i saw those mugs this week too! happy wednesday!

  3. love that pouch from the pleated poppy! so cute! happy wednesday!x0x0

  4. oh girl i still need to get that dress! i get paid this week so i may be running to target : )

    hope you are having a loveLee week!

  5. I would LOVE a lemon tree. Lemons would be added to everything!

  6. Hi! I am participating on your link for the 1st time. Great WIW ideas! And I ♥ the stationary you are working on. So adorable.

    Angie @ Linen + Verbena

  7. Hi y'all! This is my first time participating and I was so excited only to find out that in my rush to post, I linked to another blog with one letter off my web address! I'm so sorry if you tried to click on the #9 thumbnail! My bad! I'll be more careful next week!
    Anyways, I'm lovin' looking at all your selections!

    PS my real blog is at

  8. Love that card with the two little birdies on it. SO cute! I really want to link up with you on this. Maybe next week I will get it together in time :)

  9. Thanks so much for hosting! I love the duck chasing picture :)


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