Thursday, June 9, 2011

why little i ?

way back in the day when i started blogging, ahem, a few months ago, i decided to write i instead of I


this i know you are longing to know, it's the burning question that keeps you up at night.
it's the thing the perplexes and puzzles your brain to the point of exhaustion... no? ok, well anyway...

i want you to know why.

grammatically speaking it is incorrect, yes i know.

however, i love lower case everything in every way...

and i want to know why when i write you and i, it's supposed to be you and I?
you are lower case and I and upper? seems a bit egotistical if you ask me.
though here i am at the top of my blog in front of my craft room daydreaming with my favorite boots on -seems selfish enough without having to capitalize {ME} all over my bloggy.
i am not more important than YOU so therefore you and i are equally important and special and wonderfully made :)

little i

does it irritate you?
is it annoying?
is it meaningless or meaningful?
i sometimes wonder.


  1. i like the little i. i say- lovely. but that's just ME. tee hee

  2. i do the same thing, i think it looks cute...

  3. I love the little 'i'... i even use it on occasion! ;)

  4. It doesn't bother me. I think that's a good reason... oops I keep saying I... does it offend? I hope not, oops there it is again. Habit ;0)

  5. I love it and love the meaning behind it. I'm also a fan of the lower case. :)

  6. i have little 'i' love. Just found you blog, its lovely x

  7. I know I am reading Krystina when it's all lower case :)

  8. I love little i. It makes me think of one of my favorite poets, e.e.cummings,who called himself "the small i" because he wasn't a big man.

    But I think I like your definition of it more :^]

  9. I like the little i. Lower case letters just look sweeter!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  10. i <3 it. also don't like caps. but sometimes they slip in via autocorrect ;)


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