Thursday, June 30, 2011

what i never thought i would ever say...

things like; get that snail out of your mouth
and we don't poop in the shoe basket, we poop on the potty
are things i never dreamed i would ever possibly have any reason to say whatsoever
however, i am a mother, and as mothers we are blessed with the onslaught of new, strange, different, and innocent activities of our extremely curious tiny humans. sometimes it's hard not to laugh!

other things you might hear me say if you're within earshot is:
please don't torture your stuffed animals by suffocating them in the cooler.
no pointing at the lady with 89 body piercings and 65 tattoos, just pray for her.
please pet the cat instead of carrying her by her hind legs,
and no she doesn't like dress up (poor cat)
where did you put your waffle?
no, i'm sorry, we can't live in the cave with the bear at the zoo.
please put your clothes back on.
get your hand out of there.
no running down the hall with a ruler in your mouth.
why is there a waffle in your toy box?
please don't put sand in their dog's rear!

who are you?
where did you come from?

*sigh* my sweet curious little babies, i love you.

have you been surprised as a mother at some of the things you have to say?

have a beautiful day :)


    We also have a cat, and I've actually had to say... "Okay, time to let the cat out of the bag..."
    Kids! ;)

  2. I pretty much use to say the same things to my angels when they were little. Now I all hear from them these days are "do you have any money I can borrow Mom"!

  3. oh yes! "no weapons at the dinner table" is my favorite :)

  4. so funny Krystina, this gave me a good laugh...

  5. Oh to have littles around. Sigh.
    I know you love Squeeze Parkay, but please stop squirting it all over your sister! {Yikes, what a mess!}
    I miss those days…
    Now it's more like "please don't let your bank account get so tight that you get charged for overdraft transfers…"

  6. i think 'where did you put your waffle?' is my favorite. can't wait to hear what comes out of my mouth someday when i'm a mom.

  7. Today mine was...
    "No, we can't shave the cat"
    "Please don't tell the dog she's a toilet brush"
    "Don't miaow at the budgie, it confuses the cat when he copies you".
    And my children are all over the age of 16.


  8. oh my goodness. laughing at loud... the husband looked at me and i said "nothing dear"

    we don't have children yet. this post may scare him.

  9. children.... sigh.

    Just tonight, "Please do not "save" any more popsicles in your bed...." "but I wanted to eat them latter mommy" "yes dear, but how are you going to eat it when it is all melted into your sheets and matress?" Five minutes latter... "No, you may NOT suck on your matress!"


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