Friday, June 10, 2011

Photography Friday: laundry quandry

we had some old primitive thing washing our clothes.
the beast would choose whether or not it felt like spinning.
i would get sopping wet piles of laundry that i had to start the spin by hand.
what? is this 1960?
with the water and electric bill we decided to go high efficiency.
 little did i know we ordered a time machine
complete with a flux capacitor... 
i kid, i kid ;P
ok so the above shot is me removing the back of the machine
to fix the dent in this
it was scraping as it spun.
the delivery guy doesn't know how to install (air freight) 
but he brought it inside for me because i asked him to.
the metal dent was easy to pop out and easy to fix.
i hooked up the water, drain, put into place (so heavy) and then i had to level the thing.
i tried and tried

i ended up bending the tool that came with it for leveling.
glad you didn't see the positions i contorted myself into trying.
it wasn't budging, so i called Dan Dan the handyman.
he said the locknut was stuck so it was a toughie.
he got it after several trips to his truck tool box, 
while i sat and ate basil and tomatoes for lunch.

smart boy,
he found a huge, fun box when he woke from his nap.

first load
on spin cycle
my laundry finally spins like it's supposed to.

gotta love clean laundry,
i got it all done in 3 hours.
piles and piles gone.
maybe it is a time machine.

do you have any quirky appliances?
do you have to jimmy rig them or work around them?
do they kinda have a personality?

have a wonderful weekend!
Sweet Shot Day


  1. We recently got a new washer and dryer and you have to take these things out of the back so the drum spins correctly or something. Only Jake didn't read the whole instructions and even though he leveled it, he didn't remove the things from the inside, so we had a shaking scary washer. I'm glad you don't have a shaking scary washer. It scared the crap out of me.

  2. Mine does that sometimes too. So glad you posted this. I need to check our's out now. Thanks!

  3. your old washing machine sounds like my current one! yikes...i think i'm next in line with the new appliance purchase. happy weekend! :)

  4. hoping over from life rearranged! we just switched from old machines to HE. and i'm not totally sold yet. i don't know that it washes as well? and it takes FOREVER to try. maybe we have lemons. boo :(

  5. How exciting! Some sweet shots!

  6. Oh no! Well, you got some precious pictures out of this experience!

  7. Our dishwasher is our thorn. It was in a fire a few years ago, and salvaged, but never the same. We have to restart it multiple times, pull it out of its space to make sure the hose doesn't kink, and fill it will rinse aid more than a person should. It has already had one major service and also leaked and ruined our hardwood floors when a hose burst. You'd think we'd replace it already!

  8. I love the first shot. I am a tad jealous

  9. Sorry, that posted before I finished. I am jealous of your washing machine. I am waiting for the ones that load themselves and fold the laundry. Lol

  10. I love these shots - there is nothing quite so much fun as just messing around in big boxes! You new machine looks fab, I hope it brings you endless clean clothes, that do not require you to spin by hand. Happy Tuesday. Nics

  11. great shots and loved the story...
    yes, our at least 11yr old dryer was put back together by the fix-it guy w that very same panel, but it was on the top, upside down so that it rubbed w every rotation... really. if i could see it and fix it, don't know how the guy who does it for a living missed it.
    but then, he also neglected to hook it back up to the vent hose.


    glad you got yours working!

  12. Beautiful new machine! It still wouldn't make me like folding ;) Love the reflection in the first photo!

  13. Love the shot...and absolutely love your blog! Visiting from Sweet Shot Tuesdays.


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