Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {Menu Display}

yesterday i told you how i plan my menus and a couple of ways to organize them.
here's one more that was inspired by the clay family blog (discovered via pinterest
so here's mine along with a tutorial to help you get started
i used a creative memories 'everyday display'
you can also use a frame + string or a ribbon

choose some "delicious paper"
adhere it to your board or frame
make a pocket - use a library book pocket 
or make one out of a clasp envelope like i did
print out your dinners that you typed like i described in my post yesterday
cut them out in strips
i chose cream for dinners that include a meat, 
and a green paper for vegetarian dinners.
use rub-ons, stamps, or print on vellum the days of the week
and adhere to mini clothes pins, measure twice :)
use a wall or door to display your menus, calendar, chores, and invitations/flyers all together
to create a mini "command center"
look at your calendar to help choose what goes onto the menu
ie; busy days make something quick and simple

at the bottom we have our summer to do list and summer chores

do you have one?
i would love to see yours.
how do you answer the question, "what's for dinner?"

happy crafting & cooking!


  1. Oh wow, could I be this organized And cute? Is it even possible? I really need some structure in the dinner planning area - if it was Cute structure I know I'd be much extra motivated! Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Oh, this is so cute! I love it!

  3. i LOVE that your to do list is all fun summer memories and activities. to do lists usually have a negative connotation...i love that you made it positive & purposeful! i made a mental note when i have kids of my own someday.

  4. Man, you have it together. I scribble our activities on a freebie calendar. I need to get more organized like you. :)


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