Thursday, June 2, 2011

looking forward to...

guess where i am going...
i will be going somewhere this weekend where yoga pants are a requirement,
tho there will be no yoga.
i will give you another hint; a place where 8 women bring armfulls of crap, ahem crafts.
we will be punching, cutting, and slicing.
give up?
i am going to a scrapbook retreat!
guess what i am looking forward to?

time with good friends
laughing so hard i can't breath
praying together
seeing their children grow through photos
lots of rest and relaxation

oh, yea, and we will be um, scrapbooking ;)

also looking forward to...
no laundry
no dishes
no cooking (except one meal) for four days
no exploding diapers to change
no bickering tweenagers
did i say no laundry?
no screaming, fit throwing toddler

kinda makes me sad... a little,
but mama needs a break.
it really is good for the whole family!


here's my pinterest scrapbook inspiration board 
i printed out and am bringing with me: (+ a stack of scrap mags!)

i just never know what i'm going to need 
so i have packed enough supplies to create 100 albums (oh dear)
but i will only be doing the second half of '07. i hope to finish it. 4 days should be enough. 

i have been scrapbooking now for almost 12 years! since my oldest was six months old :)
this is my 7th scrapbooking trip. i guess you can say i love it. hmm, let me see paper? yep, love it. photography? yep, that too. and design... well, there you go i guess it adds up to a scrappy love affair. luckily i have accomplices who are addicted as i am 
and we have inadvertently created quite lovely friendships. sigh.

i will have lots of photos from my trip to share with you next week!


  1. Sososososososo excited! Awake at 1 am in training for the late nights coming! :-)

  2. I am impressed. Awesome blog and scrapbooking?! Wow! I started blogging because I could not keep up with my scrapbooks. Enjoy your time. ; )

  3. oh man ... it has been sooooooooooo long since I have gone on a scrap retreat.... JEALOUS!!!

    Have a great time.

    DO NOT think of all of the laundry waiting for you when you get home!

    And get LOTS of fun done :)


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