Friday, June 17, 2011

Photography Friday

this was the view out my kitchen window last night
shutter priority
(both taken with nikon D7000 70-300 lens)

auto no flash

i love the full moon, sigh.

and here's my week through instagram
started the weekend off with a cab

the Princess Bride Movie Trivia Game Show at our school's history night

brownies for class

good friends talk on the last day of school

the "cereal" killer has his stuffed animals hostage in the cooler whilst he eats cheerios 

pulled an old game out -an exciting game of skill and chance ;)

Mr. Boy and i going down the slide at the park together

recap of a fun week:

have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. ahahaha I love the stuffed animals in the cooler. My oldest does the same thing, except it's shoes and anything else I need. Where did they go? Check the cooler.

  2. looks like a great week!

  3. What a great idea!
    And your photos of the moon? Love.
    The moon is such a stunning piece of the sky--I'm so glad it decorates the evening horizon. :]

  4. Love the last day of school picture & the stuffed animals held hostage in the cooler pics the best! That one made me laugh!

  5. great photo of the moon. so gorgeous!

  6. Love the "cereal" killer! I have several similar photos--though no trapped stuffed animals! Great moon captures!

  7. Oh, these were fun to view. The brownies look amazing and your son is precious!!

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  8. Okay, the cereal killer with stuffies held hostage in the cooler is HILARIOUS!!!


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