Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what i love wednesday {No. 21}

happy wednesday lovelies!
here's what i am loving this week...
painted nails. 
all photos are from my pinterest "My Style" pinboard
(let me know if you need an invite)
aren't these so fun and amazing?!!

i have been doing my nails lately.
i know with children and life that my manicure won't last more than 5 days so i try not to get frustrated.
i have come to expect it and get excited for the next new color(s)!

i remember at about age 11 i made a home video on our huge panasonic VHS camcorder on how to manicure your nails - it was about 2 hours long! i wonder what happened to it. i can only hope it was destroyed!

i think my girls and i will do our nails tonight, 
i can't decide between a soft pink or aqua, hmmm...

what are you loving today?
i can't wait to see!
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  1. I like painted nails but I never ever paint them because I break them so often/it chips and i just cant commit that kind of time to doing nails because I can't stand chipped polish. I don't even paint my toenails because they just keep growing. haha. The aqua color is pretty.

  2. I think I"m doing aqua today! Yeah! I love the polka dots, so cute.

  3. I looove pretty painted nails! Mine are currently bare, but I love choosing pretty colors and doing my best to give myself a neat manicure. :)

    P.S. Your video sounds hilarious! :D

  4. I feel so funny having painted nails. I definitely work my hands differently!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I'm rocking a deep maroon today, but those aqua colors are giving me ideas!

  6. Man, that inspired me to do my nails. I need to do it, but I just never think about it, plus my nails chip in the shower. My sister always says I'm a freak because hers don't do that. Anyhoo, I really like the polka dots! :0)

  7. Love painted nails too....

    I am currently sporting BRIGHT royal blue toes, and a french manicure with cute little flowers on my fingers :) All home done of course....


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