Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what my mama taught me {by Leigh-Ann}

Every fall, there's the big weekend when we rake leaves at our family cabin, lots and lots of leaves. To save a bit of the work, we wait till most of them have fallen, then-- we go all out and it usually totals over 25 XL bags! 

Back in 2006, my Mom, Grandma and I raked & bagged all day long and reached the point of near insanity ;) It was clear we needed to stop and have some FUN and on that day, 3 generations came together like children playing in the leaves like best friends! It was magical and we got silly together!
My Mom and two Grandma's are amazing women and they have taught me so many things-- how to love with all your heart, take care of your family, the value of cooking amazing food and especially, doing what you love and being great at it. On this day in 2006, I saw them in a new way-- they were really fun!!
As Mother's Day approaches, I celebrate these amazing women in my life and look forward to 
every opportunity to spend time with them, learn from their lives and have fun, silly times :) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there, you rock!!!

xoxo, Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest


  1. I love it!
    There is nothing better than generations of family!

  2. great to see you here LA! I'll be in the Peg for Mothers Day to spend time with my daughters and my mom! hugs xo bonitarose

  3. Your eyes are so full of love in that first picture.

  4. What a gorgeous set of photographs... and amazing memories to keep too! Mothers Day has come and gone here in the UK... my eldest daughter sent me a card with a scary monkey on it *lol* Think I would have much preferred to play in some fall leaves... only it's sunny skies and daffodils here, fresh mown grass and budding lilac - no leaves to play with in the springtime.

  5. i love the three-generation photo!! such a beautiful tribute to a mother and grandmother. wonderful!


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