Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 17}!!

i am LOVING fonts this week...

i turned the corner downtown the other day and did a double take.
oooo, look at that pretty font. what is it? i just have to know!
later that day as i was printing out a custom order of invites for a dear friend,
it looked like i was using the same font!
i had already been using it for quite a while now
-it was just the red color that threw me off... well until...
i LOVE how they chose to make the letters red.
i LOVE those summer dresses, btw. definitely looking forward to some warmer weather!

here's pica 10 pitch:
get it here

get american typewriter here

can't wait to see what you love this week!



  1. Love the storefront- love the dresses!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Love the pica 10 pitch, too. And that gorgeous green print dress. Which just caused me to surf over to BR's website and spend waaay too much time looking at all of the loveliness. Thanks, as always for the link up! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I do love the font! But I think I can get by with american typewriter. ;)

    Linking up some inspiration for my wedding this week!

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  5. oops...let's try that again...Thanks for the What I love Linky fun...FONT-tastic!

  6. Saw the font, thought of courier new but taller. Love. Love. Love.

  7. I love this font too!! Thanks for the links for where to get it.

  8. oooohhh... I'm slightly obsessed with fonts! Love them! I makes excuses to make lists just so I can type them off in my favorite fonts; sometimes I never even print them! I just enjoy mixing up the fonts.

  9. i love this font too! i never would have even noticed the font on the windows! i have definitely not been paying enough attention!! thanks for bringing this to my attention. so fun!


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