Friday, May 27, 2011

Photography Friday: InstaFriday

cutting out labels for a friend's new soap company.

plans! for the creative arcade!!!

Soleil, my painter. She's making a watercolor for me.

Soleil trying on pointe shoes for the first time. 
She has worked so hard, and she's so thrilled to finally go on pointe.

he helps the checker unload the shopping cart every. single. time.
sweet boy.

now he's Mr. Grumpy Pants and doesn't wanna leave mama's arms.

out for a little walk through Urban Outfitters...

seriously love some of their wares.


my first iPod. this thing weighs about 15 pounds.
so ancient.

aqua toes in sandals.

TJ's dunkers. 
nothing like homemade.
yet addicting.

pretty flowers for my kitchen.

 thanks for stopping by to see my week in instagram pics.
have a lovely weekend!
Sweet Shot Day


  1. Fun pics! I love TJ's dunkers too. Have you tried the frosted oatmeal cranberry ones? They are beyond delicious.

  2. What fabulous pics! Popped over from Life Rearranged :)

  3. Ok, there are so many things fabulous about this post, I don't even know where to begin :]
    Nail Polish: Fingers--Love the different colors; toes--totally have that same color. Love. It.
    The Creative Arcade: What a cool name. So much more flare than "craft room." Epic.
    The pictures of your little ones are so sweet. Love the water color and pointe shoes--my little sister did pointe as well. Beautiful
    Urban Outfitters is fantastic. I love looking through their quirky nick-knacks. However, every time I go in there, I feel like such a poser, which my hubs says is a real oxymoron since I'm going into a big-name modeled after a thrift shop.
    Still, I love it.

    Your blog is delightful. Definitely following :]

  4. How fun are those colorful cammys!!!

  5. I enjoy the Holga photos. Very nice.

  6. What a great collection of sweet shots!! Really love the headphones & flower shot! Happy Tuesday! :)

  7. What, what a fun group of pictures. Enjoyed them!

  8. These are great! The old camera is lovely.


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