Wednesday, May 11, 2011

what i love wednesday linky party {No. 15}!!

hi! did you miss me last week?
i heard you did ;P

here is what i love this week...
bicycles :)
particularly the vintage type.
and a basket full of flowers is a must!
check out more in my bicycle pins on my pinterest

hmmm, i have an old sweet aqua Schwinn - i think i need a basket for it...
i already have the wine, bread, and flowers!

this has me thinking picnic and photo op ;)
or italy. i think the first is a bit more do-able.




  1. so fun! i am terrible at bike riding -- the old saying that you never forget how to ride a bike is largely false, i've experienced the phenomenon first hand ;)

  2. I like vintage bikes too. There's something so appealing about old. I think it's the secrets older objects keep. Beautiful images!

  3. i love vintage bikes too and hope to own one someday! happy wednesday!

  4. Love these sweet bikes! I'd love to have a pink bike, personally. ;)

  5. these are great!! aaahhh...italy. i could go for that too!! i've got a birthday going on today, so i'll be back next week with some wednesday loves!

  6. Yes Italy. Yes photo op. Both excellent ideas, not to be passed up on! Thanks for the fun party. :)

  7. I love this too. Bicycles, blue, vintage, baskets with flowers on bikes, Italy, France, Europe, picnics. You are evoking lots of wonderful pictures and feelings with this post. Beautiful.

    I found you through Angry Julie Monday. I'm following you now, and I just linked my first What I Love Wednesday. Love this theme. Hope you'll follow me too. :-)
    Have a great Wednesday.

  8. yay for cute bikes! perfect for may 'cuz it's bike month. or at least i think it is. i think i heard that somewhere... but then again, i could have made it up.

    i want a cute bike but they're unpractical for seattle where it's so hilly & you need gears & such. :/


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