Thursday, May 12, 2011

Queen Bee Market Recap

i had sooooo-o much fun at my first ever big show!!

there are so many amazing and talented ladies, not to mention the queen bees - Jessica and Mique -love and adore them.

this was my first big event and the first time i met people online before meeting them in real life. Crazy, super fun!

it was so amazing to watch the set up: a big empty ballroom - then boom - gorgeous booths with awesome vendors!

here are some sweet photos i took of the market:
The Pleated Poppy

Olive Blue

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane


blue corduroy

Stacy Lynn designs

Misfit Menagerie

Crystal B

and me:
(thank you Angry Julie for these photos of my booth since i didn't take lots of pictures of my own booth)

i had the pleasure of meeting Mique and Jessica the wonderful gals who ARE queen bee market.
and sweet friends Tracy of Creme de la Gems, Megan of Flawed Perfection Jewelry, the fun April of Funky Vintage Lovely, sweet Heather of just.lovely.things, Christina of Little Wellies, the lovely Rachel aka No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, the very talented Gioia of Pillow Factory, the adorable Pumpkin Pie Originals, Kristen of Rock-A-Bow, Annie of Spiffing Jewelry, Bethany of 42nd and Orange, and the sweet shoppin' Crystal B.

i also met the funny Angry Julie friday night.
Andrea from four flights came saturday so i got to meet her lovely self.
And so did Emmy of Much-a-do so sweet, love that sweet baby!

i also enjoyed the company of my pals from the hood - Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy, Emily of Blue Corduroy, and Stacy of Stacy Lynn designs <--who i bought 2 skirts from at the stitch market and wore one each day of Queen Bee!! Stacy's skirts seriously keep flying out the door!

lots more pics from the lovely Angry Julie here.

visit other Queen Bee Market recaps:

i had the best time hanging out with and meeting new friends!
Andrea of four flights, me, and Rachel aka "Mrs. No. 17"

i am so glad you got to come and if you didn't i hope to meet you next time!



  1. i love your both.
    i have got to go one year- it all looks awesome!

  2. so glad you had some fun - your products are so lovelyfun

  3. that was awesome, krystina!! i hope we can do it all over again!

  4. It was soooooo great to meet you finally!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed my photographs.

  5. Sounds SO COOL... and so many of my friends were there!! Wish I was too... :)

    Your booth was too cute, hope you did really well ")

  6. Beautiful! The crafty, "vintagy" part of me is swooning over that market and all of your lovely things! I love color, and I keep going back to look at the pictures.

  7. It was so fun! But I'm so sad to have missed meeting you!


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